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Boss Micro Studio Series

The year was 1985, Boss released a range of compact half rack effects units for the home recording musician. They may not have been perfect, but they provided many of us on lower budgets access to some great studio tools!

Boss Micro Studio Series Range

The initial six units released in 1985.
Compressor/limiter, EQ, delay, phasing, flanging and Power Supply
Boss RCL-10
Boss RCL-10 Compressor Limiter

The Dynamics Processor Boss RCL-10 has Compressor, Limiter, Expander and Noise Gate functions. Adopting a high quality VCA the Boss RCL-10 allows high SN ratio, low harmonic distortion and little tone quality deterioration. Each control can be used to present various effects. The Key In Jack allows to change the response depending on the type of input signal, and the Stereo Link Jack allows connection of two sets of RCL-10’s for synchronization. The Boss RCL-10 is one of the Micro Studio Series, and by using the Rack Mount Adapter (optional), any two of the Series can be mounted on the standard 19″ rack.

Boss RGE-10
Boss RGE-10 Graphic Equalizer

The Boss RGE-10 Graphic Equalizer features 10 band slider controls in an octave step from 31Hz to 16kHz, and each of them can vary in the range of plus or minus 12 dB. The level control serves to minimize the volume difference between the normal and the effect sounds. Moreover, the Boss RGE-10 provides both standard phone and pin jacks for input and output. The Boss RGE-10 is one of the Boss Micro Rack Series, and by using a rack mount adapter RAD-10, any two of the series can be mounted in a standard 19″ rack.

Boss RGE-10
Boss RDD-10 Digital Delay

The BOSS RDD-10 Digital Delay is a compact yet versatile digital delay machine. By changing the delay time range (9 steps) and modulation, you can enjoy various types of effects; not only echo but also flanging or doubling chorus effect, etc. Also, the Delay Tone Knob allows you to make a mild echo like an analog delay’s as well as a sharp echo. Two RDD-10’s can be set up through their Modulation Buses for modulation sync. Moreover, the phase of the modulation can be inverted with the Polarity Switch, creating wide variety of stereo effects.  Both standard phone and pin jacks are provided for an output or input, and more, the Level Switch (-20dBm/-1 OdBm) is featured, allowing applied setups such as with audio and video equipment as well as usual use with musical instruments. The RDD-IO is one of the BOSS Micro Studio Series, and any two sets of them can be set up on the Standard 19′ rack (EIA-1U) by using the optional rack mount adapter RAD-10.

Boss Micro Studio Series 1
Boss RPH-10 Phaser

The BOSS RPH-10 Phaser features 12 stage phase-shift circuits, and 3 different effects of 10 or 12 stages are selectable just by changing the positions of a knob. Also, stereo phasing effect can be obtained by setting up two RPH-10’s using the Modulation Bus, which is useful for recording at home. Both standard phone and pin jacks are provided for wider variations of applications. The Boss RPH-10 is one of the BOSS Micro Studio Series, and any two of the Micro Studio Series can be set up on the Standard 19″ rack by using the optional rack mount adapter RAD-10.

Boss RBF-10
Boss RBF-10 Flanger

The BOSS RBF-10 Flanger features three basic Modulation Controls and Normal/lnvert Feedback Volume, allowing various flanging effects. Also, with the direct sound cut off, this can be set up with a PA mixer to make an effect loop. Moreover, two sets of the Boss RBF-10’s can be connected through the Modulation Buses for syncing. Both standard phone and pin jacks are provided for wider variations of applications. The Boss RBF-10 is one of the BOSS Micro Rack Series, and any two of the Micro Rack Series can be mounted on the standard 19″ rack by using the optional rack mount adapter RAD-10.

Over the next few years Boss continued to release more effects in the Micro Series.

Boss RCE-10
Boss RCE-10 Chorus Ensemble

Adopting the LSI newly developed specifically for digital chorus, the BOSS RCE-10 Digital Chorus Ensemble allows extremely rich chorus sounds. Owing to the BOSS special digital modulation, the Boss RCE-10 can produce perfect chorus modulation which has been impossible by the modulation. The Boss RCE-10 features two chorus circuits and the perfectly synchronizing digital modulation, therefore, extremely natural dimension effect can be obtained. The Boss RCE-10 provides the Pre-delay Time control as well as the Rate and Depth, allowing wide variation of effects from chorus to doubling. The built-in equalizer serves to vary the chorus sharp to mild.

Boss Micro Studio Series 2
Boss RRV-10 Digital Reverb

The Boss RRV-I0 Digital Reverb, equipped with the BOSS original DSP (Digital Signal Processor), is compact, yet a high quality reverb unit with good sound quality and various functions. Features includs nine different types of ambient environments, the reverberation (decay) time or the gate time is continuously variable. therefore fine adjustment is possible. The Pre-equalizer section can widely control the tone of the reverb sound. Equipped with the Stereo Outputs. the Boss RRV-I0 can produce extremely fat reverb sounds. The Boss RRV-10’s noise reduction circuits achieve residual noise of lower than — 100dBm (IHF-A). The unique Input Cancelling System allows to turn the unit off without killing reverb sounds.

Boss ROD-10
Boss ROD-10 Over Drive / Distortion

The Boss ROD-10 is a rack type overdrive/distortion unit to which all the BOSS technology is drained. Featuring three different overdrive effects and a distortion fuzz the ROD-10 can create wide variety of distortions. A three band equalizer is built in. Provided with the Line Output which perfectly simulates the characteristic of a guitar amplifier, the ROD-10 can be directly connected to a mixer. The Boss ROD-10 can be effectively used with a bass guitar or keyboard as well as a guitar.

Boss RPS-10
Boss RPS-10 Pitch Shifter / Delay

The Boss RPS-10 features two functions; Pitch Shifter and Digital Delay. When used as a pitch shifter, the Boss RPS-10 allows pitch shifting freely from -1 to +1 octave. Setting up a keyboard, desired pitch shifting can be selected at once. The newly developed LSI enables to reduce the possible tremolo and time lug. When used as a delay machine, the RPS-10 allows to set the delay time from 25 to 800ms. The direct sound has frequency response from 20Hz to 30kHz and the effect sound from 40Hz to 15kHz. In both Pitch Shifter and Delay modes, the INV (invert) position serves to create tape recorder’s reverse playback like effect.

Boss Micro Studio Series 3
Boss RPQ-10 Preamp / Parametric EQ

The BOSS RPQ-10 is a 2 band parametric equalizer with the built-in preamplifier. Each band has separate Frequency, Q and Level controls allowing extremely active sound creation. Also, it features the Total Level Control that serves to minimize the volume difference between the normal and the effect sounds. Moreover, it provides three input jacks: two standard phone jacks (MIC, INST) and a pin jack (LINE), and two output jacks a standard phone and a pin, which enables various setups such as with audio and visual equipment and recording equipment as well as an electronic musical instrument. The Boss RPQ-10 is one of the BOSS Micro Studio Series, and by using a rack mount adapter RAD-10, any two of the Series can be mounted on a standard 19″ rack.

Boss RSD-10
Boss RSD-10 Digital Sampler / Delay

The BOSS RSD-10 features two functions; the SAMPLER that allows pitch and dynamics control and the DELAY that allows as long as 2 second delay time. Adopting the circuit for pitch controlling by audio signal, the Boss RSD-10 can be used with any type of synthesizer, varying the pitch of the sample sound more than 2 octaves. Also, the dynamics, pitch bender, vibrato, portamento, attack time, and decay time can be controlled if the keyboard used features such functions. (e.g. the JX-8P features all these functions.) The Trigger Input and the Pad Input Jack are provided for using the Boss RSD-IO as an external sound source of a rhythm machine, and for producing the sound with dynamics that can vary by hitting the pad. The Playback Trim and Overdub Level controls can be effectively used for changing the length of the playback sound and for overdubbing. To use the RSD-IO as a sampler, you need the Pedal Switch DP-2, the Pad BP-I, rhythm machine (with Trigger Out) or a keyboard (synthesizer).

Boss‘ Micro Studio Series packs the superb performance and numerous functions found on large effects racks into compact one-half rack-sized units. These units make fully professional specifications and capabilities available at affordable prices for all applications, from stage and studio to home recording and amateur enthusiast purposes. For high performance, you need the new standard in effects – the Boss Micro Studio Series.

Compact design means high performance in these half rack-size units – The Boss Micro Studio Series is exactly one half the size of a conventional rack-mounted unit, with dimensions of only 218mm(W) x 44mm(H) x 160mm(D), but there are no compromises in performance or functions. In fact, the Boss Micro Studio Series provides the superior specifications and excellent functions that can only be found in costly larger units.

2 Boss Micro Studio Series units fit in one 19″ EIA-Standard rack shelf – Compact enough so that two units can fit on a single 19″ rack with the optional RAD-10 rack-mounting adapter. These half-size units can double the effects capability of a single rack shelf or cut by half the space and weight required by a single effect. The compact dimensions of the Boss Micro Studio Series also make it easier to use them on stage or in studios, and take up less space in your setups.

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