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In recent times we have added a bunch of classic audio recorders to the site, recorders which have had a huge part in audio recording history. Everything from the brilliant Studer A827 24 Track Analogue Recorder, to the game changing Alesis ADAT that brought affordable digital multitrack recording to the masses.

We have recreated the front panels for many of these recorders including the Sony PCM-2500 DAT Recorder, the Sony PCM -1630, the Tascam DA-88, the Alesis ADAT and even the Fostex B-16 Reel to Reel Recorder. We will have more coming soon so stay tuned.



Fostex B-16

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Eventide H3000 Audio Samples Now Available

The Eventide H3000 is one of the most legendary multi-effects boxes ever made, and while it has been ‘improved’ over the years, for many it has never been beaten. Guitarists in particular relish this machine as much as Jimi himself!

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