Vintage Digital


AKG was founded in Vienna by Dr. Rudolf Goerike and Ernst Pless, in 1947 and is synonymous with microphones and headphones. There success was almost immediate, and decades later they ventured into new territory. In the seventies AKG released the BX 20 spring reverb, the world’s first, truly portable studio reverberation unit. In the early 1980s they introduced the BX 25 ED digital/analogue reverb unit. By the mid 1980’s AKG teamed up with Christopher Moore, the man behind the Ursa Major Space Station, to develop the AKG ADR 68k digital reverb. By all accounts the AKG ADR 64k is a beautiful reverb, they rarely come up for sale and when they do, the cost is reasonable given the quality and rarity.

AKG ADR 68K Digital Reverb + Effects

The AKG ADR 68K is a multifaceted digital audio processor. Although it produces superb reverberation, it is far more than just another digital reverb. It produces a wide range of useful time-based effects.
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