Vintage Digital

Analogue Effects

Overstayer Stereo Voltage Control Model 3722 Compressor Limiter

The Overstayer Stereo Voltage Control Model 3722 is a fluid integrated mixing signal chain in a single rack space.

Locomotive Audio 14B Variable MU Compressor

Just like its popular vintage inspirations, the Gates Sta-Level, UA 175B, RCA BA-6A and Collins 26U, the results are a sound that cannot be replicated with any other method of gain reduction. The Locomotive Audio 14B delivers!

Dangerous Compressor

With its sophisticated dual detector circuit, unique Smart Dynamics section, automatic attack and release function, unmatched versatility and incredibly transparent, audiophile-grade sound, The Compressor from Dangerous Music is today’s most intelligent analogue compressor, and a true modern classic.

Chiswick Reach 20th Anniversary Edition Stereo Valve Compressor

The Chiswick Reach 20th Anniversary Edition Stereo Valve Compressor is all transformer coupled, all valve signal path topology, operating in true balanced class A mode. All hand wired – no PCB, valve rectification, includes sidechain modification with hi-pass filter and illuminated meters by SIFAM.

Crane Song Titan Compressor Limiter

The Crane Song Titan is an analog compressor-limiter with a very large range of color and control choices that has reset-ability

dbx 160SL Compressor/Limiter

The dbx160SL is a 2U stereo Compressor/Limiter in the tradition of the industry standard dbx160. The signal path consists of a high precision input stage followed by the worlds widest dynamic range voltage controlled amplifier – the dbx V8™ VCA – and then an output stage with phenomenal performance.

Al.So Hellax Mono Compressor/Limiter

The Al.So Hellax is a mono optical compressor/limiter offering a very low distortion rate with side-chain filters and blend feature, and is 100% made in France.

Manley Voxbox

The Manley Voxbox combines the Manley Mono Mic Preamp, the ELOP reborn as a lower ratio compressor, the MID EQ blown out as a full range PEAK-DIP-PEAK EQ, and a DeEsser with a second ELOP limiter at the end.

Anamod ATS-1 Analog Tape Simulator

The ATS-Analog Tape Simulator uses the revolutionary AnaMod Process™ for modeling complex analog circuitry entirely in the analog domain. Specially developed analog building blocks are coded to replicate the behavior of analog tape.

Crane Song Ibis Equaliser

Crane Song Ibis is an analog equalizer that boldly takes equalization to a new level of musicality.
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