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Eventide is a professional audio equipment company that was founded in the United States in the early 1970s. The company is well-known for its pioneering work in digital effects processing, particularly in the area of time-based effects like reverb and delay.

Eventide’s first digital effects processor, the H910 Harmonizer, was introduced in 1975. The H910 was a groundbreaking product that allowed for the manipulation of pitch and time in real-time, creating unique and otherworldly effects that had never been heard before. The H910 was quickly embraced by musicians and producers in a variety of genres, from rock and pop to electronic and experimental music.

In the years that followed, Eventide continued to develop and refine their digital effects technology, introducing a range of groundbreaking products that set new standards for quality and versatility. One of their most notable products in this category was the H3000 Ultra-Harmonizer, which was introduced in 1986.

The H3000 was a powerful and flexible effects processor that could create a wide range of time-based effects, including reverb, delay, chorus, and flanger. It was also capable of creating complex, multi-effects chains, with extensive modulation and control options that allowed for a virtually limitless range of creative possibilities.

Today, Eventide continues to be a leading innovator in digital effects technology, with a range of products that are used by musicians, producers, and audio engineers around the world. Their legacy of innovation and quality has had a profound impact on the world of music and audio production, and their digital effects processors continue to be some of the most respected and sought-after products in the industry.

The Eventide Clockworks Instant Phaser was designed specifically to eliminate the costly and tedious job of setting up and implementing the special effect known as phasing or flanging.
Unleash the sonic magic of the past with the Eventide Omnipressor, a legendary audio processor born in 1972. This timeless piece of gear has been a staple in the music industry for over five decades, and it’s not hard to see why.
The Eventide Model H910 Harmonizer was developed by Eventide in 1974. It was the world’s very first digital effects processor. It combined ‘de-glitched’ pitch change with delay and feedback. It could be controlled by a keyboard remote control to instantly shift pitch in half steps.
Flanging may not be a popular effect these days, but back in 1975 when the Eventide Model FL201 Instant Flanger was released, it was. The Eventide Model FL201 Instant Flanger was designed to simulate true tape flanging and offered a much deeper flanging effect than anything previously available, it was widely used on many legendary recordings.
The Eventide Model H949 Harmonizer is a combination digital delay line, pitch changer, and all-round special effects unit. The TIME REVERSAL feature is entirely new. When used with a variable-speed tape recorder, the Harmonizer is capable of shortening or lengthening a piece of program material to fit a given time slot, without altering the pitch.
The Eventide SP 2016 Effects Processor Reverb is something special. If you’ve never worked with one before, your ears are in for a pleasant surprises. What makes the Eventide SP 2016 so unusual is that (unlike most products in this specialised age) it isn’t just one thing. Not simply a reverb or a digital delay, or an equaliser…but all of these things, and more.
Eventide’s newest Harmonizer in 1985 was the Eventide Model H969, which expanded on Eventide’s already capable Eventide Model H949 Harmonizer. The Evenride Model H969’s new ProPitch digital electronic-splicing algorithm gives you the cleanest, most glitch-free pitch change ever. Deglitching is active over a wider bandwidth, too – a full octave wider.
There is perhaps no more revered effects box in history, as the Eventide H3000. To many it has never been bettered, and never will. More than thirty years since it was first introduced, the Eventide H3000 is still used in studios around the globe and on stage by musicians everywhere.
The Eventide H3500 is capable of creating effects you have never heard before (1992) and is fully MIDI controllable with click less, real-time MIDI control. The Eventide H3500 incorporates all the effects of the Eventide H3000-SE, plus the Mod Factory dynamic presets, and the Eventide HS322/395 Sampler card.
The Eventide DSP4000 Series Ultra-Harmonizers are multipurpose programmable digital audio signal processor with pitch change capability.  It is the latest and greatest in a line of pitch change special effects units stretching back to before most audio manufacturers ever heard of digital.
The Eventide Eclipse is the power, the performance, the heritage of Eventide Audio effects in a single rack space unit. From the amazing range and depth of its algorithms to its comprehensive array of analog and digital I/O ports, the Eclipse puts the legendary effects processing power of Eventide within your reach.
The Eventide Orville is a programmable, multichannel, multipurpose, dual digital signal processor (DSP), 24 bit digital audio signal processor with UltraShifter capability. It is the successor to a long, proud line of digital signal processors that stretches back to a time when most audio manufacturers didn’t know digital audio from Morse code.
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