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Harrison Mixbus 32C Review

Harrison deserve to be put at the top of everyone’s list of DAWs to audition. In fact, if your needs are pure mixing, do not waste your time, simple buy it.

Vesta Fire RVD901 Digital Reverb Review

If you have the chance to get a Vesta Fire RVD901 for a realistic price and you have a need for a 1980s sounding reverb, you should check it out and get it.

Drawmer MC1.1 Monitor Controller Review

Anyone looking for a basic monitor controller that does not compromise on sound quality one little bit, then the Drawmer MC1.1 is just the ticket.

Tannoy Gold 7 Review

After owning these Tannoy Gold 7s for about six weeks now, the question remains; do I still want to offload them and buy the Dynaudio LYD7s? The simple answer is, just last week I threw out the boxes for the Tannoys, they are staying.

Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 Gen 3 Review

I find myself torn between recommending the Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 Gen 3 and telling you to look elsewhere. When you claim as Focsurite does “20 outputs of incredible sound quality” I would assume you are referring to the analogue outputs given that a digital signal is simply being passed through.

112dB Mikron Chorus Review

The 112dB Mikron Chorus is the chorus effect I have been looking for…There is no denying it’s sound quality and it’s ability to replicate the glory days of chorusing.

Audio Ease Altiverb XL Review

The real world spaces available in Altiverb, and there are many of them, are truly spectacular. This is a game changing reverb, and a must own for any mix engineer.

Soundtoys Little Plate Review

At a cost of only US$99 this plug-in offers outstanding value when compared to other EMT 140 plates plug-ins. Universal Audio’s EMT 140 is US$199 plus you need UAD hardware, so the Soundtoys Little Plate is a no brainer at US$99.

Sony MU-R201 Digital Reverb Review

The Sony MU-R201 is a curious beast for sure. Relatively unknown in the western world, a legend in Japanese studios. For me it is the ultimate snare reverb, but works equally well for vocals and brass.
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