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Harrison Mixbus 32C Version 7 Released

Harrison Mixbus 32C Version 7 has just been released, with some rather tasty upgrades for those recording into Mixbus. Harrison’s new TapeX™ worflow is optimised for the task of multitrack band recording. TapeX provides a compact view of your track’s record and monitor status plus a simplified timeline that keeps everything in view at once.

Harrison Mixbus 32C Version 7

In addition to the new TapeX feature, Harrison’s new Mixbus 32C Version 7 now provides a meter bridge for the inputs on your audio interface, that allows you to rename the audio interface’s inputs to something more appropriate like Vocal Mic, Kick Drum etc.

Finally, Mac and Windows installers are now Signed and Notarized: no more security prompts during installation!

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New to Harrison Mixbus? Read our full review of Version 6 here.

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