Provide us with 100% wet audio files

We are in need of assistance from YOU to help grow our database of digital reverb samples.

So, are you able to provide more vintage hardware (or software plugin) samples to share with our growing community?

If so simply download the files via DropBox, then simply send us back the 100% wet files according to the instructions below. In the zip download you will find:

Reverb Test Files

Included Files:

Reverb Vocal Test.wav
Reverb Brass Test.wav
Guitar Reverb Test.wav

With the VocalBrass and Guitar samples, simply SEND to your reverb and export the 100% WET REVERB TRACK ONLY.


Reverb Test Billy Music.wav
Reverb Test Billy Cymbals.wav
Reverb Test Billy Drums.wav

With the Music files, YOU ONLY NEED TO LOAD THE DRUMS FILE, however if you wish to gauge the reverb against the full music then by all means add all files to your DAW, balance levels and apply reverb to the DRUMS track only. Then export 100% WET REVERB TRACK ONLY.

Please use DropBox or similar to send files back to Vintage Digital, notify us at: info[@]

Remember 100% wet files to be returned to us, thanks for your assistance!