Classic Track

I Want To Dance With Somebody

Whitney Houston
I Want To Dance With Somebody
Recorded: 1986-1987
Released: May 2, 1987
Producer: Narada Michael Walden
Recording Engineer: David Fraser
Mix Engineer: David Fraser
Mastering Engineer: George Marino

I Want To Dance With Somebody was released as the first single from Whitney Houston’s second album, simply titled Whitney. It went on to become Whitney Houston’s fourth number one single, which confirmed her status as a superstar. The song featured a Roland 808 drum machine programmed by Randy Jackson and Preston Glass, which certainly helps to stamp the recording with an 80’s sound.

Whitney’s extraordinary vocal was recorded using an AKG C24 microphone which was connected to a Focusrite 110 module from a Focusrite desk, and from there into a Neve 33609 compressor. The song uses the mainstays of 1980’s studios in terms of effects; the AMS RMX 16 for reverb duties, the AMS DMX 15-80, Lexicon PCM 41 and PCM 42 for delays.

I Want To Dance With Somebody was Whitney Houston’s biggest hit in the U.S. at that time and it won the Grammy Award for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance at the 1988 Grammy Awards.

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