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Pulsar 1178 Dual Peak Limiter Plugin

Relative newcomer Pulsar have introduced the Pulsar 1178 Dual Peak Limiter Plugin, an emulation of the rather rare Urie 1178 hardware limiter, that is certainly looking rather interesting!

A compressor that eats transients for breakfast, the Urie 1178 is a rare and expensive legend of the recording studio, cleaner and more versatile than its older sibling, the Urie 1176. The Urie 1178 has been used by some of the greatest producers including Chris Lord-Alge and Bob Clearmountain.

The new Pulsar 1178 Dual Peak Limiter Plugin meticulously recreates the original Urie 1178 hardware in its tonal color and compression character. However, Pulsar have take the Pulsar 1178 further than the original unit, adding all the features you would expect from a modern, versatile plug-in, including a full sidechain EQ for added control, an optional saturation stage for warmth and character, and precise metering.

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