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Pulsar Massive Passive Plug-in

Pulsar have just announced the release of Pulsar Massive, the most complete passive EQ plugin. Musical and intuitive, it is a must-have for mixing and mastering.

Smooth and Musical
With its parallel topology, the tonal corrections are not cumulative, but tend to interact with each other, resulting in a more intuitive and fluid way to shape the frequency spectrum. Musical even with the most extreme settings.

Sound sculpting without harshness
The Pultec-like low-shelf filters allow a generous and tight low end, even at extreme boost settings. The high-shelf filters provide a pristine top end and air without harshness.

Bring color to your mix
Bring color and analog character to your mix thanks to magnetic saturations that add complexity, dynamics and harmonic density to your tracks.

Beyond the original hardware
Keep track of your EQ choices with a spectrum visualization and an on-screen curve editor for a better workflow and total control. Also, the resizable interface and wise choice of modern features will make Pulsar Massive your go-to color EQ.

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