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Peter Gabriel
Peter Gabriel
Recorded: February to December 1985
Released: 19 May 1986
Producer: Daniel Lanois and Peter Gabriel
Recording Engineer: Daniel Lanois, David Bottrill, David Stallbaumer, Kevin Killen and Richard Chappell

Peter Gabriel was without a doubt one of the 80’s great innovators, his songs stick out from the mainstream 80’s music, as do the music videos he created for his songs, with Sledgehammer being the most played video in MTV history!

So was recorded in a barn on Peter Gabriel’s property in Somerset, in England and took almost a year to complete. The resulting recording is without a doubt his most commercially successful album, and featured a huge list of guest artists including Kate Bush, Stewart Copeland and Nile Rodgers.

Given it was the mid 1980s, the list of recording gear used was the very best of what was available at the time. A 56‑input SSL 4000 E Series console was mated to a Studer A80 24‑track machine and a modified Studio A80 with customised Colin Broad Audio cards.

Outboard gear included an EMT 140 plate reverb, AMS 1580 digital delay, AMS RMX 16 Reverb, Delta Labs DL2, Lexicon 224 Reverb and a Quantec Room Simulator. All of which added up to one of the greatest albums to come out of that decade, and one killer track in Sledgehammer.

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