Sony HR-MP5 Multi Effects Processor inbound at Vintage Digital

I have been eyeing off the Sony HR-MP5 since they were released way back in 1994, along with it’s sibling, the HR-GP5 which is the same processor but with dedicated presets for guitar use. At the time of their release they were a more affordable option than the DPS Series of processors that came before them.

Sony HR-MP5

So here in April 2018, I finally purchased a nice refurbished sample from Japan so that we can start putting it through it’s paces. We will be testing it out and grabbing a bunch of samples to upload to our dedicated page for this cool little processor, so keep an eye on our site for the inbound samples in the next few weeks.

We are desperately looking for a copy of the user manual too, so if you have a copy that you wish to share please contact us!

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