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George Michael Faith


George Michael’s album Faith, written and produced by George Michael, was a massive global hit upon it’s release in 1987. Faith peaked at the number one spot on the UK Album Charts as well as the US Billboard 200. The

Peter Gabriel


Peter Gabriel was without a doubt one of the 80’s great innovators, his songs stick out from the mainstream 80’s music, as do the music videos he created for his songs, with Sledgehammer being the most played video in MTV

The Sweetest Taboo Sade

The Sweetest Taboo

When Sade arrived on the scene in the 1980s their sophisticated adult contemporary sound certainly stood out from the crowd. When the radio was filled with new wave music Sade’s contemporary adult sound was literally in a class of it’s

Dire Straits

Money For Nothing

It is somewhat surprising to learn that Money for Nothing was Dire Straits’ only number one record, and it was huge in 1985. It enjoyed continual rotation on not just radio but also MTV, becoming one of their most played

Van Halen 1984


Van Halen’s Jump was the biggest selling single of the 1980s, you could no go anywhere without hearing it on radio or TV. Given it’s extensive use of keyboards, I was not even aware it was a Van Halen song

Purple Rain

Purple Rain

I was never a huge fan of Prince during the 1980s, I certainly respected him as a musician and song writer, but that was about it. While I liked a few of his tunes at that time nothing made it

John Cougar - Jack & Diane

Jack & Diane

Thirty eight years after it’s release, it is hard to imagine that Jack & Diane, from the album American Fool almost didn’t make it. The song had what can only be described as a difficult birth with everything from John

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