Van Halen


Van Halen 1984

Recorded: 1983
Released: December 21, 1983
Engineered by: Donn Landee
Produced by: Ted Templeman

Van Halen’s Jump was the biggest selling single of the 1980s, you could no go anywhere without hearing it on radio or TV. Given it’s extensive use of keyboards, I was not even aware it was a Van Halen song until some time later! Some 35 years later, it still sounds fresh, a remarkable achievement in itself.

Jump was one of the very first songs recorded at Eddie Van Halen’s new 5150 studio, in Studio City, California. Jump was a song no one wanted to do, primarily because of the keyboards…except Eddie. Thankfully Eddie insisted the song be done, with all the keyboards, and the rest is history.

There is little information available about the recording of Jump in terms of studio equipment, other than the fact that both Alex and Eddie were sick of the EMT reverbs used on their first records. So it is safe to assume Eddie did not install an EMT in his studio. From photos of the studio around that time, the following list is what was available to use during the recording of Jump.