Vintage Digital is a museum of vintage digital and vintage analogue studio effects such as digital reverbs, digital delays and other effects with product information, specifications, original user manuals and service manuals.

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AMS RMX16 Series 500

The legend is back!

AMS/Neve re-release the AMS RMX16 Digital Reverb.

In what is a very surprising move, AMS/Neve have released an all new version of the classic AMS RMX16 Digital Reverb (originally released in 1986) in a 500 Series format.

Popular Manuals

Popular user manuals and service manuals as well as schematics (limited offering) for a huge range of vintage digital studio effects from AMS, Dynacord, Ensoniq, Eventide, Klark Teknik, Korg, Lexicon, Roland, Sony, Yamaha and many more.

The stunning dbx 165A compressor limiter is one of many new vintage analogue effects we have added!

Yes, we are starting to add vintage analogue effects to the site, starting with three stunning looking dbx compressor/limiters and including this amazing dbx 165A model, and the MXR Model 126 Flanger/Doubler!

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Latest News

Vintage Analogue Effects

Vintage Analogue Effects

There are so many classic effects in the analogue world as well, and rather than build another website, we are adding in these vintage analogue effects to our existing site.

Eventide H3000 Audio Samples

Eventide H3000 Audio Samples Now Available

The Eventide H3000 is one of the most legendary multi-effects boxes ever made, and while it has been ‘improved’ over the years, for many it has never been beaten. Guitarists in particular relish this machine as much as Jimi himself!

Sony PCM-1630 Audio Processor

The Sony PCM-1630 (and it’s earlier incarnations) was widely used for the production and mastering of many of the first CDs in the early 1980s. Once CDs were commercially introduced in 1982, tapes recorded on the PCM-1630 were sent to the CD pressing plants to be used to make the glass master disc for CD replication. Read about this fascinating bit of vintage digital recording history!
Sony PCM-1630
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