Vintage Digital

Audio Recorders

Sony PCM-3348HR DASH Multitrack Digital Recorder

The Sony PCM-3348HR is a 48-channel 16/24-bit digital multi-track audio recorder, using 1/2-inch tape in DASH (Digital Audio Stationary Head) and DASH PLUS formats.

Tascam DA-88 Modular Digital Multitrack Recorder

The year of 1993 saw the arrival of the first challenger to the ground breaking Alesis ADAT, and what a challenger it was too, with smaller tape size, and importantly better sound quality!

Alesis ADAT 8 Track Digital Recorder

The Alesis ADAT recorder when it arrived in 1992, literally changed the world overnight for studios and home musicians alike, by bringing digital recording to an affordable level for small studios and musicians.

Studer A827 24 Track Audio Recorder

The Studer A827 24 Track Multi-Track Recorder is quite possibly the finest 24 track analogue audio recorder ever made, and many are still in use today around the world.

Sony PCM-2500 Digital Recorder

The Sony PCM2500 DAT Recorder took over from the Sony PCM-1630 Series Recorders, and kept the DAT format alive for years to come in the studio, (with many successful albums having been mastered to it) but it failed in the domestic market.

Fostex B-16 Multitrack Tape Recorder

Upon the release of the Fostex B-16 Multitrack Tape Recorder, it provided smaller project studios with a 16 track tape machine that offered performance and value for the very first time.

Tascam 244 Portastudio

The year was 1982, Tascam introduced the Tascam 244 Portastudio, and in doing so they managed to change the recording world forever, particularly for home musicians!

Ampex ATR-100 Series Professional Audio Recorder

In the world of two track analogue mastering audio recorders, the Ampex ATR-100 Series recorders are regarded as the finest reel to reel audio mastering recorders ever made. The fact that they are still in use today, more than forty years later is surely testament to that.
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