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The EMT 140 was the worlds first artificial reverb unit and it changed the recording world by allowing any studio to have “reverb on tap”, even smaller studios who did not have physical echo/reverb chambers.
The Eventide Clockworks Instant Phaser was designed specifically to eliminate the costly and tedious job of setting up and implementing the special effect known as phasing or flanging.
In 1971 after huge success with the EMT 140, EMT delivered the EMT 240 Reverb Foil. The surface of the vibrating 0.02 mm gold foil measured only 30 X 30 cm. The foil was contained in a double enclosure affording very high isolation from airborne and solid-borne disturbances, sufficient to allow placement of the EMT 240 even in mobile units or – at a sound pressure level of 105 dB – next to monitor loudspeakers
The Roland RE-201 when it was released in 1974, was an engineering masterpiece. It featured a sophisticated tape-echo effect and a built-in spring reverb, with different sound variations selectable via 12 different operating modes.
An effects box that provided a very special kind of enhancement to your tracks, that you could not buy, but instead had to rent, really? The Aphex Aural Exciter was something of a mystery box when it was released in 1975, but it provided a solution that was perfectly timed, however is no longer relevant in today’s recording world.
Flanging may not be a popular effect these days, but back in 1975 when the Eventide Model FL201 Instant Flanger was released, it was. The Eventide Model FL201 Instant Flanger was designed to simulate true tape flanging and offered a much deeper flanging effect than anything previously available, it was widely used on many legendary recordings.
For more than 30 years now, both engineers and musicians have relied upon the MXR Model 126 Flanger/Doubler as one of best-sounding bucket-brigade* flanging effects ever made. Through its signature flanging, doubling, and delay effects, the MXR Model 126 Flanger/Doubler imprints a very unique sonic signature on guitars, bass, keys, drums, or just about any source needing depth and movement.
The Klark Teknik DN50 Spring Reverb was introduced around the mid seventies, just prior to the launch of digital reverbs.
The Roland RE-301 Chorus Echo is a vintage tape delay unit known for its warm analog sound. It features a built-in chorus for added modulation. The unit has straightforward controls for easy manipulation and is suitable for musicians seeking a classic, reliable delay effect with a touch of vintage charm.
The AMS DMX Series Keyboard Interface and Chorus Controller is an ultra rare device to add on to the AMS DMX 15-80S Digital Delay. The chorus controller can be used to add functionality and effects to the DMX 15-80S.
The Roland RSS RV-800 stereo reverberation unit incorporates an optional compressor to increase headroom and allow reverberation effects to be added to low level signals.
The Roland SBF-325 is a stereo flanger with dual audio delay lines. It has three different flanger effect modes and one chorus mode. It preceded the now famous Roland SDD-330 by two years in terms of rack mount chorus effectors.
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