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Line 6 Echo Pro

If you’re familiar with Line 6’s award-winning series of Stompbox Modelers you’ve already got a pretty good idea of some of what your new Echo Pro can do. The Line 6 Echo Pro was part of a series of rackmount processors Line 6 produced in the early 2000s, and included the Line 6 Mod Pro and Line 6 Filter Pro.

TC Electronic D-Two Multitap Rhythm Delay

Think of delays and chances are our delays are what you hear in your head. Not to toot our own horn, but our delays are the best out there – end of story. With TC Electronic D-Two we wanted to combine our awesome delays with fun – we’ve added the truly musical Rhythm Tap feature: Not only tempo, but actual rhythm patterns can be tapped directly on the unit for results that are sure to quickly whip your creativity to new highs!

Yamaha D5000 Digital Delay

The Yamaha D5000 is something of a rare processor that is very difficult to find for sale, and when they are they are often rather expensive. So what is the magic? With the quote from Bob Clearmountain that it is the best digital delay ever made, the Yamaha seems to have gone underground in home studios or Yamaha simply did not make very many of them.

Roland SDE-330 Dimensional Space Delay

The Roland SDE-330 digital delay was released at the same time as the SRV-330 and offers just as spectacular performance as it’s sibling. Roland had by now made a number of digital delays, and the SDE-330 showed they had nailed the concept.

Sony DPS-D7 Digital Delay

On the back of the success of the Sony DPS-R7, Sony developed and released the next processor in the line-up, the DPS-D7 Digital Delay with audible improvements. Sony didn’t just add int he new algorithms and release it, they also chose to make the DPS-D7 use a higher sampling rate of 48kHz to improve the bandwidth even further than the DPS-R7.

TC Electronic 2290 Dynamic Digital Delay

When the TC Electronic TC 2290 arrived in 1986, it change the landscape for digital delays forever and it is still in use around the world today because of it’s unique abilities. The TC Electronic TC 2290 was so iconic during the mid to late eighties, and it continued to show up everywhere in both studios and on stage with some of the biggest guitarists in history.

Roland SDE-2500 MIDI Digital Delay

The Roland SDE-2500 Digital Delay came after the Roland SDE-3000 and coincided with the release of the equally excellent Roland SRV-2000 Digital Reverb.

Ursa Major MSP-126 Multi-Tap Stereo Processor

The Ursa Major MSP-126 is a stereo tapped delay digital delay line with a 20kHz bandwidth, eight pre-programmed processing modes and more. The Ursa Major MSP-126 is a signal processor that creates a whole range of interesting effects inlcuding great balanced stereo with flat response from any kind of program material.

Dynacord PDD 14 Digital Delay

The Dynacord PDD 14 released in 1984, is a studio-grade, programmable Digital Delay designed and manufactured in Germany. Up to eight different sounds can be programmed into the non-volatile memory and accessed directly. There is also the possibility to alter the stored programs without altering the memory contents.

Boss DE-200 Digital Delay

The Boss DE-200 offered users a very affordable entry into digital delays, even more affordable than the Roland product of that time which was already well priced. The Boss DE-200 and it’s siblings were an exercise in simplicity, with a front panel that was as clean as it was practical, making it very easy for new comers to get around.

Roland SDE-1000 Digital Delay

The Roland SDE-1000 represented Roland’s entry into the affordable Digital Delay market and it brought quality effects for all of us. The Roland SDE-1000 Digital Delay is a high quality 12 bit digital delay machine with various attractive features including chorusing.

Roland SDE-3000 Digital Delay

The Roland SDE-3000 was a natural progression from the earlier SDE-2000 and offered better sound quality through increased bandwidth among other improvements. The Roland SDE-3000 is a high quality Delay Machine featuring various delay effects and also the Memory function that retains up to eight different panel settings, therefore, it is extremely helpful for both studio and live performance.

Lexicon Model 97 Super Prime Time Digital Delay

The Lexicon Model 97 “Super Prime Time” is a major advancement in digital audio equipment. With it you can create, store and recall an unlimited variety of effects which you have programmed, in any sequence you like. The standard unit offers a maximum delay time of 480 milliseconds, and memory extension options let you increase that to either 960 milliseconds or 1.92 seconds – all at full 20kHz bandwidth.

Bel BD-80 Digital Delay

The Bel BD-80 processor is a high quality digital delay with an expandable memory with loop edit facility, synchronised record and playback (sampling), keyboard control (1 V per octave), echo and flanging. The Bel BD-80 must be one of the most popular delay/samplers ever produced, being found in most modest home set-up to the more high-profile studio.

Lexicon PCM 42 Digital Delay Processor

The Lexicon PCM42 improved on the PCM41 and became a studio staple, even today you will find this nearly 40 year old digital delay in use aorund the world. The Lexicon PCM42 combines Lexicon’s reliability with features for musician. Unique in concept and execution, the Lexicon PCM-42 performs all of the functions you would of a high quality digital delay line, while the door to realms of musical expression that were only a dream now.

Korg SDD-3000 Digital Delay

The Korg SDD-3000 is one of those effects that has retained it’s appeal even after decades of newer product coming after it. The Korg SDD-3000 digital delay has remained so popular that Korg themselves have re-introduced it in a guitar pedal form, as it was guitarists that fell in love with this very capable delay.

Roland SDE-2000 Digital Delay

Roland’s first digital delay, the Roland SDE-2000 was a big hit when it arrived, guitarists took to it like a duck to water, as too did home recording studios. It may have had limited bandwidth with the relatively low sampling rate of 26kHz, but that did not stop the success Roland enjoyed with the SDE-2000, but it did kill off the Space Echo, for a while at least.

Lexicon PCM 41 Digital Delay Processor

The Lexicon PCM 41 was a huge success for Lexicon when it was released back in 1980 and even today you will still find them in use in major recording studios everywhere. The Lexicon PCM 41 was eventually replaced by the Lexicon PCM 42 which featured longer delay times, but retained the sonic characteristics of the Lexicon PCM 41.

Deltalab DL-2 Acousticomputer

DeltaLab introduces the Delatlab DL-2 Acousticomputer, a flexible and rugged all-electronic ‘space machine’ with highly musical sound quality and a surprisingly modest price. The Delatlab DL-2 Acousticomputer is a combination digital delay and special effects processor designed for use both on stage and in the studio, providing well known functions plus some new effects not available in any other device.

AMS DMX 15-80S Stereo Digital Delay

The AMS DMX 15-80S is a true stereo microprocessor controlled digital delay line. Originally designed to meet specifications laid down by the British Broadcasting Corporation for equipment to be supplied to them, it offers two completely independently delayed channels with precisely controlled delay times.

DeltaLab DL-4 Digital Delay

The DeltaLab DL-4 TIME LINE is a studio quality special effects processor designed for the professional musician to use in live performances. The DeltaLab DL-4 is a derivative of their highly successful DL-2 ACOUSTICOMPUTER which brings total performance to the performing musician previously attainable in very expensive delay lines.

MXR Model 113 Digital Delay

The MXR Model 113 Digital Delay is a self-contained audio delay line which utilizes sophisticated technology to achieve a new standard of professional quality. The culmination of an intensive design program, the MXR Model 113 Digital Delay is unparalleled in versatility, ease of operation, and creative application.
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