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The Historical Icons of Digital Reverb
Embarking on the Vintage Digital website years ago, my intent was a personal quest - uncovering the secrets of classic reverbs from a bygone era to construct a modest studio for an ongoing musical venture. Little did I anticipate that this exploration would blossom into an unwavering fascination with the marvels of engineering from the pioneering days of audio recording.
The Iconic David Blackmer DBX Compressors
A deep fascination for David Blacker's dbx compressors aesthetic, has led to the creation of this book, showcasing his classic designs that have become studio legends the world over.

Limited Edition Publications

Our limited-edition books boast the highest quality images, capturing every detail and are perfect for display on coffee tables. Packed with detailed product information, they’re a must-have for audio enthusiasts seeking in-depth knowledge. Plus, their exquisite craftsmanship makes them the perfect gift for friends passionate about professional audio.