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Classic Recording Studio Equipment

The Tascam Hi8 recording format emerged in the late 1990s as a versatile solution for high-quality audio recording in a digital format. Developed by Tascam, a leading manufacturer of audio equipment, the Hi8 format (Eventually renamed DTRS) combined the convenience of Hi8 videotapes with advanced digital audio recording technology. It allowed users to record up to eight tracks of digital audio simultaneously, making it ideal for professional music production, live sound reinforcement, and field recording applications. The Tascam Hi8 format offered improved audio fidelity and greater flexibility compared to analog recording methods, making it a popular choice among musicians, sound engineers, and audio enthusiasts alike.

The year of 1993 saw the arrival of the first challenger to the groundbreaking Alesis ADAT, and what a challenger it was too, with smaller tape size, and importantly better sound quality! It went on to become the biggest selling product in Tascam’s history, selling more than 60,000 units!
In the realm of embracing budget-friendly digital 8-track recording, Sony took a collaborative approach instead of crafting their own system. Opting to partner with Tascam, the result is the Sony PCM-800, essentially a Tascam DA-88 with a touch of rebranding.
The Tascam DA-98 takes all the advantages offered by the DTRS format and significantly ups the ante for the professional and post-production professional alike. With enhanced A/D and D/A convertors, a comprehensive LCD display and full compatibility with the DA-88 and DA-38, the Tascam DA-98 delivers the absolute best in digital multitrack functionality.
The Tascam DS-D98 is a DTRS recorder which supports Sony’s Direct Stream Digital format for production of the Super Audio CD (SACD).
The TASCAM DA-78HR is the first 24-bit DTRS format 8-track Modular Multitrack Recorder, designed primarily for professional recording studios, project studios and home recording studios where 24-bit high quality digital audio recording is essential.
The Tascam DA-98HR takes the 24-bit recording engine of the DA-78HR and adds critical features specifically designed for the rigors of post-production and the highest end of commercial recording facilities. Since its introduction in 1993, TASCAM’s DTRS modular digital multitrack recorders have become a worldwide standard for all facets of the recording industry.