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360 Systems Model 2800

360 Systems Model 2800 Programmable Equalizer

The 360 Systems Model 2800 Programmable Equalizer was a fairly unique product at the time of it's release in 1980, with it's tactile controls and programmability. Using a Z-80 microprocessor and CMOS memory storage, the 360 Systems Model 2800 Programmable Equalizer was able to store up to 28 user created EQ curves.


360 Systems Model 2800 Programmable Equalizer stores and recalls 28 sets of EQ curves and level settings from its own internal memory. It gives instant access to the special sounds you’ve stored away, and lets you organize them into sequences for mixdown.

You won’t have to buy a whole automation system to use the 360 Systems Model 2800 Programmable Equalizer. It’s a completely self contained system, using a Z-80 Microcomputer to manage the affairs of an analog equalizer. Now you can pull the plug and take your sound from the studio to the cutting room. Or get repeatable special effects on the road with a stage act. It won’t forget, either – a lithium cell keeps memory up whenever power is down.

The 360 Systems Model 2800 Programmable Equalizer is a broadband constant-Q parametric. Listen to it – it sounds better. Broad, easy curves come just as easily as its narrow 60 dB notches – great for fixing problems like hum and camera noise. The output level’s programmable too. When you change EQ you’ll often want a level shift to preserve the same “apparent loudness” level. Now you’ve got it. And there’s an optional interface connector to tie in with feet [frames or time code cue decoders. Or with anybody else’s console automation.

The 360 Systems Model 2800 Programmable Equalizer is a fully programmable parametric equalizer. It will store and recall up to 28 sets of equalization curves developed by the user. It also makes direct comparisons between different equalizations stored in memory. And in music or film production, a mixer can set up a series of creative EQ changes, and execute them in sequence during a mix. Programmability offers a number of editing and automation functions that greatly improve audio quality, while making the equalizer easy to use.

Microcomputer Based Operation
The 360 Systems Model 2800 Programmable Equalizer isn’t made like any other equalizer on the market. It uses a Z-80 Microcomputer for control, and CMOS memory for storage of 28 complete scenes of the front panel. There isn’t any tape needed. A lithium cell protects stored EQ curves against loss of AC power.  The equalizer has three operating modes. The manual mode places it under control of the front panel. The sound you hear can be saved in any of the 28 memory locations by pressing the store button.

The recall mode places the equalizer under the control of computer memory, which contains settings previously stored from the front panel. As different memory locations are selected, different equalization curves will be heard. The edit mode is a combination of manual and recall modes. The equalization heard was previously stored in memory, but it can be changed with the front panel controls to better suit the needs of the moment.

The Parametric Comes of Age
Like many other products, better parametric equalizers have evolved with time. This one introduces the unusually gentle slopes associated with a five octave bandwidth. Yet when narrow peaks and dips are needed, it becomes extremely selective. Output level is remembered along with equalization, so that when spectral changes cause a shift in apparent loudness, it can be corrected to produce consistent sounding programs.

The 360 Systems Model 2800 Programmable Equalizer is available in single and dual channel versions. Options include balanced transformer output, and remote control capability for automation and time code cueing.



Frequency Response: > 10Hz – 20kHz
Dynamic Range: 86 dB
THD: 0.05%
Equalizer Frequencies:
Band 1: 20Hz – 500Hz
Band 2: 68Hz – 1.7kHz
Band 3: 240Hz – 5kHz
Band 4: 800Hz – 20kHz

Adjustable from 1/6 Octave to Five Octaves

+12 dB to minus infinity

Dimensions: 482.6(W) x 88.9(H) x 304.8(D)mm
Weight: 11.3 kg

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