Alesis QuadraVerb Digital Effects Processor

Alesis Quadraverb
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The Alesis QuadraVerb is a full 20K bandwidth, stereo effects unit allows up to 4 of the most popular digital effects (Reverb, Delay, Pitch Change, and EQ) to be used simultaneously.

The signal path order of the effects is highly flexible and programmable. All effects parameters are fully and programmable. The QuadrcVerb is also MIDI controllable, with many of its parameters accessible from any MIDI controller in real time.


  • 16Hz to 20KHz Frequency Response
  • Up to 4, excellent quality, simultaneous effects
  • Touch sensitive, multi-speed contoured programming buttons with integral LED indicators
  • Fully descriptive 32 character LCD display
  • Stores up to 100 programs
  • Full MIDI implementation
  • Most parameters adjustable in reel-time via external MIDI controllers
  • Easy editing of all parameters
  • All functions, parameters, and volume levels fully programmable
  • Stereo in end out
  • Extremely flexible effects routing and mixing
  • Several choices of reverbs including: Plate, Room, and Reverse
  • Several choices of delay including Delay, Mono Delay, and Stereo Delay
  • Several choices of Pitch Shift, including: Mono Chorus, Stereo Chorus, Flange, Stereo Flange, Pitch Detune. and Phase Shifter
  • Several choices of EQ including: 3 band Parametric, 5 bard Parametric, 11 band Graphic
  • Any or all Aiesis presets can be recalled from ROM at any time


The QuadraVerb contains 90 factory programs which can be modified or erased as needed. At any time one or all of these programs can be recalled in their original form, even if they have been erased or modified, since they are resident in Read Only Memory onboard the unit (see Recalling Factory Programs below).

Factory Program 89 is a demo program that can be used to listen to the differences between the five effect configurations, which are variations of the signal flow path through the QuadraVerb. You can use the CONFIG and VALUE buttons to select and audition the five configurations, while listening to the differences in effects in each one.

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Released: 1988
Quantization: 16 Bit
Sampling Frequency: 44.1kHz
Frequency Response: 16Hz-20kHz
Dynamic Range: >85dB
THD: 1%