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Bricasti Design M7

Bricasti Design M7 Stereo Reverb Processor

Bricasti Design came along in 2007 and unleashed one of the greatest sounding reverbs of all time, the Bricasti Design M7, a stunning digital reverb. The Bricasti Design M7 provides the highest level of musicality and ease of control imaginable in a processor dedicated to the task of reverberation.


A modern high resolution digital design, utilizing a stunning array of the latest DSP processors, provides a platform for the long overdue next step in reverb processing algorithms. A separate fully differential analog section and dedicated transformer based linear power supply provide the finest analog specifications of any product of it’s kind.

An exceptionally strong stainless steel chassis, and a tooled aluminum front panel, combine with a classic high visibility display and straight forward human interface, to complete an enduring design that is intended to fulfill its role, now and into the future. Each design element of the Bricasti Design M7 is a carefully considered statement of our vision of what the evolution of reverberation processing in its most classic form can be.

With a deep appreciation of the best designs which precede it, and a passion for moving the science of reverberation forward, the Bricasti Design M7 provides a palette of sounds that encompass the familiar as well as new expressions in the art. Listen to the new reference in reverb processing; it will bring new life to your art, in a way unimagined by any process before it.

Programs and User Interface Features

  • More than 200 Unique reverb presets
  • Revolutionary new reverb algorithm True Stereo Reverb Process
  • Classic and new Presents; Halls, Plates, Chambers, Ambient Spaces
  • 12 Parametric Program Parameters
  • 100 User Registers
  • 4 Front panel “Favorites” for quick saves and compares


Hardware Design Features

  • Dual Dedicated Power Supplies
  • Custom design toroidal transformer linear supply for analog
  • High performance switching supply for digital
  • Separate Digital and Analog modules
  • non corrosive Stainless Steel chassis and top cover
  • Milled anodized aluminum front panel, knobs and button caps
  • Positive feel 2 db stepped analog input level control
  • MIDI I/O
  • Hand Crafted in the USA



Quantization: 24 Bit
Sampling Frequency: 192kHz
Frequency Response: 10Hz-20kHz
Dynamic Range: 116dB
THD: 0.001%

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Bricasti Design M7
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Plug-In options

Slate Digital VerbSuite Classic
VerbSuite Classics is a partnership with LiquidSonics, and uses proprietary FUSION IR processing to capture the evolving and modulating characteristics of the modeled hardware reverb tone, including the Bricasti M7.
Liquid Sonics Seventh Heaven
Made without acoustic compromise and a focus on simplicity, it is the most affordable and easy to use simulation of the Bricasti M7 available.
Liquid Sonics Seventh Heaven Pro
Exhaustively and meticulously sampled, Seventh Heaven Professional is the most comprehensive and realistic simulation of the Bricasti M7 available.

Bricasti Design M7 Stereo Reverb Processor Reviews

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Community Score


(1 Review)

Build Quality 100%
Sound Quality 95%
Usefullness 95%
Mojo/Funk 95%
Reliability 100%

What other owners say...

Money Well Spent?

By Simon Alexander

Build Quality 100%
Sound Quality 95%
Usefullness 95%
Mojo/Funk 95%
Reliability 100%

As I’ve stated in my other reviews on this site, I’m a bit of a reverb collector, so this was a natural acquisition to go for_ Dated 2021, I bought my M7 from a guy who spent £50k on his studio and went only for top end gear. So why did I go for the M7 when I have pretty much all the ‘classic’ units from the list, including Multiple big Lexicons, AMS, Eventide, Yamaha and Roland’s… Simply answer: intrigue! Every review of the Bricasti on YouTube shows many top engineers and producers getting wet mouth’s just talking about the M7 and they just go on about how impressed they really are with this unit. It’s coming up 10+ years since it was introduced, and here in the UK, an M7 will set you back £2.5-3.5k depending on luck. I was lucky…. very lucky! So I bought the M7 a few months ago and here’s my breakdown….

Firstly, this thing is just Sooo quiet, it’s ridiculous! Compared to vintage reverbs the M7 is top of the list! It’s signal processing is also way better than the (‘classic’s”).. Imagine a very soft mellow string sound from and analog synth. It doesn’t take much input to clip the reverb and start to hopelessly distort. The M7 is far mor patient and that I love. The Quality of algorithms in V2.0 is as good as I think you’ll get. Some are scarily realistic, while others are ‘clever’, but I’m not sure where or how you’d use them. As a whole, the presets and plentiful and there ‘will be’ ones you can use. My favourites are the plates. The presets are excellent, but I tend to find a little short in decay. Editing is fairly straight forward and the menu system is very easy to navigate. As for the quality (which is what we’re really interested in). I have to say, the M7 is amazing! The only presets I thought were a little poor, were the ‘non-linear’ stuff and I have to say, my RMX is still my favourite for those. Halls, Rooms, Wood Floors, Churches, Stages and a ton of others are very high quality and I can see why people rave about this as a studio “must have”. Build quality is ‘ Bentley/ Mercedes’ quality and the U/I is pretty easy to grasp.

My only gripe is the 4 quick access user locations (more would have been nicer). Absolutely love the display and boot up time is pretty quick too.. Is it worth getting? I “hummed and aahh’d for quite some time before I finally went for one, but if prices come down to a level of your affordability, my advice is grab one!

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