Classic Track

Teenage Dirtbag

Tascam DA-78HR Digital Multitrack Recorder
Teenage Dirtbag
Recorded: 1999-2000
Released: July 2000
Producer: Wheatus
Recording Engineer: Wheatus
Mix Engineer: David Thoener
Mastering Engineer: George Marino

The timeless appeal of Teenage Dirtbag is a testament to the songwriting talents of Brendan Brown, as well as the recording process that brought it to life. Despite the song’s popularity, very little information is available about the actual recording process. However, some articles have shed light on the distinctive guitar sound that defines the track.

Interestingly, the big, fat, heavy electric guitar sound that gives Teenage Dirtbag its signature style is not actually produced by an electric guitar at all. Rather, it is the result of a Martin Acoustic guitar. This unconventional choice of instrument is part of what makes the song so memorable and unique.

The recording format used for Teenage Dirtbag is another area of interest for audiophiles and recording enthusiasts. While some sources suggest that ADATs were used, a Synctank article claims that a Tascam DA-78HR recorder was the actual device employed. The Tascam DA-78HR is a Hi8 tape format recorder that uses the DTRS recording format, a departure from the more common ADAT format.

Given the timeline of the album’s recording, it is possible that Brown and his team were among the first to obtain the then-new Tascam DA-78HR recorder. This detail adds another layer of intrigue to the already fascinating history of Teenage Dirtbag. Regardless of the specifics of the recording process, the enduring appeal of this classic song is a testament to its quality and lasting impact on music.