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dbx Model 290

DBX Model 290 Digital Reverb

In the year of 1995, after years in the analogue world, dbx decided to jump into the world of digital effects, kicking it off with the dbx Model 290 Digital Reverb, a single rack size digital reverb designed to be easy to use.


dbx took the approach that digital reverbs are difficult to ‘programme’ and therefore, they targeted the dbx Model 290 at those who did not wish to fiddle around to get a great sound. As such, the front panel is adorned with a series of large push buttons to select the desired effect.

The dbx Model 290 is a true stereo, dedicated reverb processor designed for the professional who needs high quality results without the challenges of complex programming. Whether used in the recording studio or in live sound situations, world class reverbs are just a button press away.

The dbx Model 290 also includes unheard of signal to noise specifications for products in its price range along with a digital noise gate that pushes unwanted noise even further out of the audio picture. Some of the dbx Model 290’s features include:

  • True stereo reverb processing
  • Signal to noise ratio of greater than 90dB (w/o noise gate)
  • 40kHz sampling rate, 18 bit DACs, full bandwidth response
  • Balanced Stereo Inputs and Outputs
  • Hundreds of professional quality reverb possibilities
  • Receives MIDI program changes

The dbx Model 290 Digital Reverb includes the following reverb effects:

  • Room
  • Hall
  • Chamber
  • Plate
  • Cathedral
  • Gated



Bit Rate: 16 bit A/D/18 bit D/A
Sampling Frequency:
40 kHz
Frequency Response: > 20Hz – 20kHz
Dynamic Range: 87dB
THD: 0.02%
Dimensions: 482mm x 44mm x 107mm
Weight: Unknown

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