Digital Delays

MXR Model 113 Digital Delay
The MXR Model 113 Digital Delay was one of the very first digital delays to be put into production in the mid 1970's. It is a pretty gnarly sounding early digital delay sounding more like a dirty tape delay.
Deltalabs DL-4
The DeltaLabs DL-4 TIME LINE is a studio quality special effects processor designed for the professional musician to use in live performances.
AMS DMX 15-80 S
The dmx15-80s is a true stereo microprocessor controlled digital delay line. Originally designed to meet specifications laid down by the British Broadcasting Corporation for equipment to be supplied to them, it offers two completely independently delayed channels with precisely controlled delay times.
Lexicon PCM 41
The Lexicon PCM 41 is a versatile Digital Delay Processor, a compact third generation system that yields up to 800 milliseconds of high performance audio delay.
Roland SDE-2000
The Roland SDE-2000 Digital Delay offers complete flexibility over all the delay parameters including Flanging, Chorus and Echo etc.
Korg SDD-3000
The Korg SDD-3000 is the first affordable digital delay that provides programmability - sound effects created with the front panel controls can be memorized and instantly recalled whenever needed.
Lexicon PCM 42
The PCM 42 especially shines on vocals. If you push the input, the limiters on the input really add a distinct character and if you engage the x2 button, this lowers the bandwidth and makes it almost sound like a tape echo.
Bel BD-80
The Bel BD-80 processor is a high quality digital delay with an expandable memory with loop edit facility, synchronised record and playback, echo and flanging.
Lexicon Model 97
The Lexicon Model 97 "Super Prime Time" is a major advancement in digital audio equipment. With it you can create, store and recall an unlimited variety of effects which you have programmed, in any sequence you like.
Roland SDE-3000
The Roland Digital Delay SDE-3000 is a high quality Delay Machine featuring various delay effects and also the Memory function that retains up to eight different panel settings.
Boss DE-200
The Boss DE-200 uses analog logarithmic compression and 12 bit quantising system to obtain higher single to noise ratio. It is also provided with three output jacks, two kinds of stereo effects ate selectable.
Dynacord PDD 14
The Dynacord PDD 14 is a studio-grade, Digital Delay unit. Up to eight different sounds can be programmed into the non-volatile memory and accessed directly.
Roland SDE-1000
The Roland SDE-1000 Digital Delay is a high quality delay machine with various attractive features.
Roland SDE-2500
Featuring 15 bit equivalent digital companding PCM, the Roland SDE-2500 allows dynamic range of wider than 96dB, and total harmonic distortion of better than 0.05%.
TC Electronic TC 2290
In recording studios, PA rigs and guitar racks all over the world the TC Electronic 2290 is known as the industry standard Digital Delay.
Sony DPS-D7
The DPS-D7 is a digital delay unit equipped entirely with Sony's digital and audio technology at its highest level of sophistication which was released before with the Digital Reverberator, DRE-2000 and MU-R201 and has received much praise.
Roland SDE-330
Designed as a result of painstaking efforts directed at redefining and redeveloping all the essential features that a professional-quality, dedicated reverb should have.
Yamaha D5000
With its high-quality 20-bit sound, the Yamaha D5000 Professional Digital Delay is the perfect choice for studio and sound reinforcement applications.
Klark Teknik DN-7204
Designed to meet and exceed the needs of the recording, broadcast, installation and live sound industries, the Klark Teknik DN 7204 Programmable Delay Line is a high quality, 2-input, 4-output configurable audio delay line.
TC Electronic D-Two
With D-Two we wanted to combine our awesome delays with fun - we've added the truly musical Rhythm Tap feature: Not only tempo, but actual rhythm patterns can be tapped directly on the unit.