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Boss Corporation is a division of the Roland Corporation in Japan. Originally started as a guitar effects pedal manufacturer, Boss ventured into many things over the years, including studio effects. Most Boss studio effects products were half rack size product, such as the Boss Micro Studio Series products, however a number of products were made as full rack sized effects, including the Boss CE-300 Super Chorus, which was a more affordable alternative to the parent company Roland’s Dimension D. There was also the Boss DE-200 Digital Delay which once again offered an affordable alternative to Roland’s many successful digital delay processors, but it is primarily the Boss CE-300 which is most sought after these days.

The Boss DE-200 offered users a very affordable entry into digital delays, even more affordable than the Roland product of that time which was already well priced. The Boss DE-200 and it’s siblings were an exercise in simplicity, with a front panel that was as clean as it was practical, making it very easy for new comers to get around.
In the early 1980s, the Chorus effect first introduced by Roland on their JC Series guitar amplifiers, was the effect to have, and the Boss CE-300 was affordable. The Boss CE-300 offers two independent chorus circuits to produce full pitch-deviation effects for a wider, fuller sounding effect in the stereo mode, as well as specific deep chorus effects.
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