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Digital Converters are a key component in music creation and come in one of two forms; an analogue to digital converter, or a digital to analogue converter. In some cases and single device will do both. The quality of these converters ultimately determine the final sound quality of the music run through them.

The genuine advantage of the Sony PCM-1610 digital audio processor is its enormous potential to deliver drastically improved sound. Whereas analogue recorders are saddled with performance limitations of one form or another, unlimited quality improvement is possible using digital technology.
The Sony PCM-1630 was used for mastering audio CDs in the early 1980s by most of the major record labels around the world, it was an essential part of early digital audio disc production.
The Sony K-1203 Super Bit Mapping Processor was a digital processing unit that was unique to Sony, and it enabled conversion of higher than 16-bit signals to 16-bit without audible loss.
Apogee DA-2000 Studio Reference Standard Digital to Analog Converter – Switcher represents a milestone in digital conversion technology. Contained within the design are technologies that Apogee pioneered, such as low jitter clocking and critically matched filter designs.
The Apogee AD-8000 is an eight-channel 24-bit A/D converter with extensive I/O and processing features and an extensive, accessible user interface.
The Apogee Rosetta AD Converter is a high quality 24 bit. 2 Channel Analog to Digital Converter.
The Weiss ADC2 was designed for recording situations where there is no room for compromises. Every detail in its intricate circuitry serves to perfectly capture every nuance of the incoming audio and maintain the signal’s integrity all the way to your recording medium.
The Apogee Rosetta 200 is a 2-channel, 24 bit, 192 kHz, AD/DA Converter of very high quality.
The Prism Sound ADA-8XR stands as the ultimate in audio performance, having carved out its place in renowned recording spaces like Metropolis and British Grove. It’s been a key player in major undertakings such as Star Wars and Lord of the Rings. With a remarkable two-decade presence in the industry, this converter, crafted and engineered in the UK, truly reflects Prism Sound’s unwavering commitment to exceptional audio quality.
TC Electronic Digital Konnekt x32 is every studio’s missing link, integrating digital equipment with computer-based recording setups. TC Electronic Digital Konnekt x32 is the utility product fitting the needs of project studios and other digital setups in need of a ‘Swiss army knife” in digital signal handling.
The Universal Audio 2192 Master Audio Interface is the perfect two-channel master audio interface for every digital studio. It was also one of the sweetest sounding converters ever made, not deadly accurate, but truly musical.
The Dangerous the Convert-2 tops an elite class of dedicated stereo digital-to-analogue converters in both sound and ease of use. The Convert-2 goes beyond transparency – you won’t just hear everything; you’ll hear it beautifully.
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