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Classic Recording Studio Equipment

Elysia comprises a collective of audio enthusiasts driven by a distinct mission: crafting exceptional instruments to enhance individuals’ musical journeys, fostering lasting enjoyment. Since its establishment in 2006, the team has remained dedicated to cultivating a compelling repertoire of contemporary audio solutions tailored for musicians, producers, and engineers alike. Every endeavor embarked upon is initiated from the ground up, a deliberate departure from emulating revered audio legends. Instead, the focus centers on addressing present-day demands encountered within the realms of studio and stage environments. Guided by a profound mastery of discrete class-A electronics, Elysia transforms even the most intricate concepts into tangible realities. This expertise serves as the foundation, laying the groundwork for the quintessential hallmark: an unparalleled sound quality that resonates and lingers.

The Elysia Museq is an equalizer that combines premium sound shaping with optimally matched parameters and highest quality components, enabling the user to create musical results in no time at all.
The Elysia Alpha Compressor has earned its status as a contemporary masterpiece, solidifying its position as a potent instrument for professional dynamic manipulation since its debut in 2008.