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Gainlab Audio

Classic Recording Studio Equipment

Gainlab Audio is a Budapest-based studio equipment manufacturer that has grown from the Gainlab Studio into an independent business specializing in high-end audio processing devices. The two founding sound engineers, who were present from the beginning, gained extensive experience with various equipment through their work in the studio. Over time, they began modifying and upgrading these devices for maintenance purposes, as well as for expanding functionality and improving sound quality. This eventually led to the development of fully custom-built equipment for use in the studio.

The Gainlab Audio Dictator Dual Pentode Vari-μ Compressor represents a tube-based dynamic controller inspired by classic vari-mu compressors. It draws theoretical influence from renowned models like the Fairchild 670 and Gates STA-Level, along with contemporary solutions, to enhance sound control.
The Gainlab Audio Empress stands as a dual-channel passive equaliser featuring a tube amplifier and three bands on each side. Its compact design occupies only 2U of studio space, yet it wields a profound influence over your sound.
The Gainlab Audio Dictator Dual Mono Vari-μ Compressor is the Dual Mono Version of the Dual Pentode Vari-μ Compressor, featuring the same high quality internal components and build quality.
The Gainlab Audio Bishop Channel Strip surpasses typical high-quality channel strips with its exceptional features. At its core lies a microphone preamp that utilises three vacuum tubes, all integrated into an all-tube design.
Gainlab Audio Governor is a vacuum tube-based optical compressor that, – thanks to its dual slope design – employing two threshold points, provides the ability to maintain control over dynamic conditions. Its direct predecessor can be considered the dynamic control that used in the Bishop All-Tube Channel Strip, which, despite providing only a small portion of Bishop’s functionality, has become a notable institution in its own right.