Vintage Digital


Classic Recording Studio Equipment

The Langevin Dual Mono Mic Preamp is our refined version of the historic Langevin AM-4 console channel.
Set it and forget it! The Langevin Elop Stereo Electro-Optical Limiter makes your job easy.
The Langevin Dual Vocal Combo is a 2 channel microphone preamplifier with 2 shelf equalizers plus 2 channels of electro-optical limiters.
The Langevin All-discrete Pultec EQP-1A works the same way as the Manley unit but instead has an ALL-DISCRETE make-up gain amplifier with both balanced and unbalanced inputs and outputs– all completely transformerless.
The Langevin Mini Massive is the little brother to Manley’s Massive Passive EQ.