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Mackie QUAD Comp

Mackie Quad Comp Compressor/Gate

The four channel gate/expander and compressor/limiter has a friendly front panel and a host of features that go beyond its simple appearance.

Mackie QUAD EQ

Mackie Quad EQ Graphic Equalizer

The four-channel, 30-band graphic, Adaptive-Q equalizer has a user-friendly front panel, and a host of features that go beyond it’s simple appearance.

Mackie was one of those companies that came to prominence in the early 1990s and changed the world with their innovative surface mount mixers, in particular the Mackie CR-1604.

Their success was so great, they dominated the small mixer market for most of the 1990s and continued to innovate with a range of mixers, monitors and audio interfaces.

Shortly after founder Greg Mackie sold his interests in Mackie in 2003, the company released what where it’s last innovative products; the Mackie QUAD series of products. This included the Mackie QUAD Comp and the Mackie QUAD EQ.

These products offered 4 channels of compression or EQ in the digital domain, via analogue inputs and outputs. They were great products that showed real innovation, but are only now really being recognised.

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