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Publison was a French audio equipment manufacturer founded in 1978 by Bruno Dauchez and Jean-Pierre Lafont. The company initially produced digital audio processors, including the DHM 89, which was one of the first digital reverb units to be available to musicians and producers.

Publison went on to produce several other innovative products, including the Infernal Machine, which was a complex digital signal processor that allowed users to manipulate and transform audio signals in real-time. The Infernal Machine was highly popular among electronic musicians and sound designers due to its unique and powerful sound processing capabilities.

Over the years, Publison continued to innovate and release new products, including the Vocoder 32, a digital vocoder that was popular among producers and electronic musicians. However, the company struggled financially in the face of increased competition from other audio manufacturers, and eventually went bankrupt in 1997.

Despite its relatively short lifespan, Publison left a significant mark on the world of audio equipment, with its innovative and powerful digital processors influencing the development of digital audio technology in the years that followed. Today, Publison products are highly sought after by collectors and musicians looking for unique and high-quality digital signal processing capabilities.

The Publison DHM B2 out of France is a stereo audio computer, which allows dual digital delays and dual pitch shifting effects, itpreceded the Publison Infernal Machine.
France’s contribution to recording studio effects, the Publison Infernal Machine 90, Stereo Audio Computer. The Publison Infernal Machine 90 is a computer based audio processor released around 1983, from a company based in France.