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RSP Technologies

Classic Recording Studio Equipment

RSP Technologies was a brand created in the early 1990s by the guitar effects manufacturer Rocktron to distinguish this new line of studio products from their traditional guitar focused products. The brand was short lived but did spawn some interesting product, primarily the RSP Technologies Intelliverb. The Intelliverb was a 24 bit full bandwidth digital reverb aimed solely at recording studios, and by all accounts it is a very good reverb. They rarely come up for sale, but when they do they sell for good money, which backs up the claims for this rare reverb.

The RSP Technologies Saturator is a dual channel, two rack space unit finished in anodized blue.
RSP Technologies are better known as Rocktron, but for a short time they produced the RSP Technologies brand, aimed more at studios. The RSP Technologies Intelliverb was something of a sleeper, but from all reports it is a very good reverb and their current prices would support that.