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For producers, mastering engineers and musicians who can afford only one preamp in the studio, Sonic Farm gear is the ideal solution, yielding a superior performance in all applications. Even more so when you take into account all the sonic options each of our units has compared to the usual suspects.

The demand for a preamp that can elevate music production to new heights has been resounding, and now that very solution is at hand with the Sonic Farm Xcalibur and Xcalibur JC Saturation Preamplifiers.
Unveiling the Sonic Farm Creamer Dual Pentode Preamplifier, a pioneering hybrid microphone and instrument preamplifier that fuses pentode tube technology, making it the flagship offering from Sonic Farm!
The Sonic Farm Beamer Pentode Preamplifier is a harmonious fusion of the Sonic Farm Creamer and Sonic Farm Berliner, amalgamating one channel from each.
The Sonic Farm Creamliner III functions as a stereo line signal conditioner, with the primary objective of enhancing the audio quality of digital stereo busses and digital PA boards. This is achieved by directing the signal through a pentode, and optionally, through the output transformer if chosen.
Presenting the Sonic Farm Berliner: a dual-channel mic/instrument/line tube preamp that reimagines the iconic Telefunken V76 from the 1950s, while infusing it with distinctive twists that differentiate it from its vintage counterpart.