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TL Audio is a British company that specializes in designing and manufacturing high-quality audio equipment for professional and home recording studios. The company was founded in 1990 by David Kempson, who had previously worked for companies such as Neve and Trident.

TL Audio’s products include a range of valve-based processors, mixing consoles, preamplifiers, and equalizers, as well as a range of hybrid products that combine solid-state and valve-based technologies. The company is known for its high-quality components and meticulous attention to detail, which results in equipment that is highly regarded by audio professionals.

One of TL Audio’s most popular products is the Fatman, a valve-based stereo compressor designed for use in home recording studios. The Fatman has been praised for its warm, musical sound and its ease of use. TL Audio has ceased operations. While the company was once known for its high-quality components and meticulous attention to detail, it is no longer actively producing new products.

The TL Audio 5051 provides the perfect front end for any system by offering a combined preamp, compressor, equaliser and noise gate all in one easy-to-use package: now with an optional digital output.
The TL Audio 5050 came directly from user requests for a simple yet great sounding valve front end and boasts the winning combination of a mic/line/instrument preamp and mono compressor: making it the most cost-effective way of processing your sources.
The TL Audio 5001 preamp offers four top quality valve mic preamps in a single 2U package, and now boasts extra features including a discrete mic preamp stage, 30dB pad, instrument DI inputs, improved metering and optional 24 bit digital output.
The TL Audio C-1 compressor maintains its position as the most flexible, polished sounding high end compressor on the market today.
No other high-end equaliser can offer the same degree of power and flexibility as the TL Audio EQ-2.
The TL Audio PA-1 Pentode Preamp is TL Audio’s top of the range preamp – producing a stunning sound from any source – and offers a significant improvement over the vast majority of console preamps in any price range.
The TL Audio VP-1 combines all the best elements of the PA-1 pentode preamp, C-1 compressor and EQ-2 parametric equaliser to create a truly flexible and spectacular sounding valve front end for any audio system.
The TL Audio 5013 Dual Valve Equaliser without doubt possesses the finest combination of performance and affordability of any equaliser that we have yet produced.
The TL Audio 5052 provides everything you would expect from a high quality ‘channel strip’ product, and then doubles it – making it the ideal system front end and the perfect stereo mixdown and mastering device.
The TL Audio 5060 is the latest product to join the acclaimed Ivory 2 series. Using the same high quality discrete microphone preamp as other Ivory 2 products the 5060 also has stereo line level or stereo instrument inputs.
Valve compression is now universally recognised as one of the essential tools for today’s recording engineer.
The TL Audio A1 Dual Preamp features two independent channels, with each channel offering mic and instrument inputs.
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