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Derek & The Dominos
An edited version of Layla was released as a single in 1971, it ran 2:43 and flopped on the charts. The full, 7:10 version was released a year later and became one of the most famous songs in rock history.
Derek & The Dominos - Layla
Recorded: 9 September, 1970
Released: March 1971
Producer: Tom Dowd
Recording Engineer: Ron & Howard Albert
Mix Engineer: Jay Mark & Steve Rinkoff

Derek & The Dominos were a band with a rather short lifespan running from 1970 through to 1971. In that time the band recorded one album, Layla and other assorted love songs. The album is considered by many to be Eric Clapton’s finest hour and the hit single form the album, Layla is certainly his most memorable song.

One of the great joys of this track, is the fact that Duane Allman joins Clapton in the studio to record those signature guitar riffs throughout the song. Both Eric Clapton and Duane Allman plugged into a single 2 input Fender Champ tube amplifier to play their parts. There is a conflicting take on this, suggesting each used their own Fender Champ amplifier which sounds far more logical.

Layla was recorded through a custom built 24 in/16 out MCI console, onto a 16 track MCI JH16 tape machine. Monitoring for the session was provided by Altec Lansing 9844 monitors. Eric Clapton’s vocal was recorded using Neumann U87 and compressed through the Urie 1176 compressor like so many records of the day.

To this day you will hear Layla on the radio, it is without a doubt a true classic track, and surely Eric Clapton’s finest hour as a songwriter.

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