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Lexicon PCM 81

Lexicon PCM 81 Digital Effects Processor

The Lexicon PCM 81 takes over where the Lexicon PCM 80 left off, and adds AES/EBU Digital I/O, includes algorithms and presets from the Pitch FX and Vocal Fix Cards, and adds 24-bit converters for even higher quality audio.


The Lexicon PCM 81 maintains Lexicon’s highest standards for sonic clarity, and its extraordinary processing power yields the finest effects available in its price class, plus outstanding reverberation.

The Lexicon PCM 81 has everything that made the Lexicon PCM 80 the top choice among studio effects processors. In addition, it offers more effects, more algorithms,and full AES/EBU input and output. Two digital signal processors; Lexicon’s proprietary LexiChip for reverb, and a second DSP engine to handle other effects, create versatile effect combinations without compromising sonic clarity.

The PCM 81 offers more than all other processors in its class with;24-bit internal processing, a true stereo signal path, balanced analog inputs and outputs, AES/EBU and S/PDIF digital inputs and outputs, the power to combine analog and digital outputs, extensive modulation capabilities, and 300 presets.

The Lexicon PCM 81 boasts an enormous selection of sounds. Each combines uncompromised stereo reverb with several voices of additional effects. A full complement of Pitch Shifters provides unique special FX as well as doubling,quadruple tracking,Chorus, and Pitch Correction within a range of three octaves up or down. With 300 presets, the Lexicon PCM 81 allows instant access to Pitch, Reverb, Ambience, sophisticated Modulators, up to 20-secondstereo Delays,and Dynamic Spatialization effects for 2-channel or surround applications.

Its presets were designed to accommodate a wide range of applications, from effects designed for musical uses and recordings to effects designed specifically for pitch correction, sound effects, and video post-production. The Lexicon PCM 81 also features updated versions of classic Lexicon effects such as Concert Hall and Tiled Room.

The Lexicon PCM 81 utilizes 4-voice, 6-voice, and Pitch algorithms to create effects.The 4-voice algorithms;Chamber, Concert Hall, Infinite, Inverse, and Plate. Each combine a specific reverb type with a 4-voice stereo “effect tool box” called the Reverb Shell, which provides post-processing for the reverb.

For example, it is possible to produce a Ghost Flange by assigning a Modulated Delay to an Inverse Reverb (to Detune it). The 6-voice algorithms;Chorus + Reverb, Glide, Hall, Multiband + Reverb, Res 1 > Plate,and Res 2 > Plate, combine a specific reverb type with a specialized6-voice stereo effect. In these algorithms, it is possible to combine the shimmer of a multi-voice chorus with a lush reverb tail (as in Wet Chorus).

The on-board Pitch algorithms encompass all Pitch and Vocal Correction algorithms and effects available in the Lexicon PCM 80 via plug-in cards. Seven algorithms include Pitch Correct for correction of monophonic sources, and Stereo Chamber for full stereo pitch-shifting with Chamber reverb.

A powerful submixer is built into the Dual Chamber, Dual Inverse, and Dual Plate algorithms for flexible ordering and routing of two independent voices of pitch-shifting with reverb. A 4-voice Quad > Hall algorithm provides four independent pitch-shift voices with full stereo reverb, and a VSO-Chamber algorithm provides stereo time and pitch correction with Chamber reverb and variable speed pitch control (in percent).

Two independent spatial processors accommodate the placement of effects virtually anywhere between or beyond the loudspeakers. Effects can also be located dynamically, creating different spaces that change with the music.


  • 12PCM 81 Highlights•World-class Lexicon reverb
  • 2 DSP engines including Lexicon’s proprietary LexiChip
  • 24-bit A/D, D/A, and internal processing
  • 300 presets; 50 user programs
  • Studio-standard reverbs and effects including: Reverb and six voices of Delay or Reverb, four voices of Pitch Shift, and Vocal Fix for replacing out-of-tune melody lines
  • A single Adjust knob that automatically attaches to all applicable parameters in factory tailored presets
  • PCMCIA card slot for program storage
  • Optional cards for algorithms, programs and user presets
  • Pro and Go Modes: Go mode allows access to as many as 10 handpicked parameters for any particular preset; Pro Mode allows full access to an Edit matrix of as many as 100 parameters
  • Dynamic Spatialization: 3D effects processing(compatible with surround sound systems)
  • Up to 20 seconds of delay
  • Balanced analog inputs and outputs (XLR and 1/4″)
  • S/PDIF and AES/EBU digital inputs and outputs
  • Tap Tempo for instant setting of delay and modulation times
  • Full MIDI control



Quantization: 24 bit
Sampling Frequency: 44.1kHz / 48kHz
Frequency Response: > 10Hz – 20kHz
Dynamic Range: 98 dB
THD: 0.006%
Dimensions: 483mm x 45mm x 305 mm
Weight: 2.9 kg

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