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Mackie QUAD EQ

Mackie Quad EQ Graphic Equalizer

The Mackie QUAD EQ along with it's sibling the Mackie QUAD Comp/Gate where two of the last great products to come out of Mackie Corporation. The Mackie QUAD series products provided four channels of anlaogue in and out, with quality digital conversion to treat the signal in the digital domain, with analogue conversion out.


The Mackie Quad Comp Compressor/Gate was part of a family of digital outboard gear from Mackie based on the Mackie TT24 digital mixer engineering developments and featured 24bit D/A – A/D conversion.

The Mackie Quad EQ Graphic Equalizer is part of a family of digital outboard gear based on our TT24 digital mixer engineering developments. We thought it would be good to share the love, not to mention the design and engineering expertise developed during the TT24 program.

The four-channel, 30-band graphic, Adaptive-Q equalizer has a user-friendly front panel, and a host of features that go beyond it’s simple appearance. The Quad EQ comes with its own measurement microphone, and has a built-in Sound Pressure Level (SPL) meter, and Real Time Analyzer (RTA) functions. These allow for simple viewing of filter settings vs. actual measurement.

The simplicity of the interface makes the unit easy to use for beginners, and fast enough for professional live sound engineers. The sound quality makes the Mackie Quad EQ lovely for the high-end user as well. The clever Adaptive-Q design allows the equalization to follow the settings of the 30 EQ filters, without the ripple and boosting effects of common EQ units. In other words, what you see in the display is what you get.

People are really attracted to sound engineers who know how to operate equipment with lots of flashing lights, so the Quad EQ was especially designed with plenty of lights in operation.

Mackie Quad EQ Graphic Equalizer Features

  • Four 30-band, Adaptive-Q graphic equalizers
  • Algorithms developed, tuned, and trained by Acuma Labs digital engineering group
  • Special EQ algorithm developed for accurate representation of EQ settings
  • Unique, easy to use front panel designed for intuitive live use
  • Measurement microphone included
  • Built-in pink noise generator
  • RTA of input signals or mic measurement signal
  • Simultaneous EQ and RTA display
  • Variable high-pass and low-pass filters for each channel
  • A, B, and C-weighted SPL meter
  • 99 snapshots for instant recall of settings
  • Stereo Linking of channels A and B, C and D
  • XLR and TRS I/O connections
  • 2RU rackmount, rugged and reliable design
  • “Planet Earth” power-supply operates on voltages between 100 and 240 VAC
  • Standard IEC power receptacle and power cord



Quantization: 24 Bit
Sampling Frequency: 48kHz
Frequency Response: 15Hz-20kHz
Dynamic Range: 108dB
THD: 0.01%

Dimensions: 483mm x 88mm x271mm
Weight: 4.6kg


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Mackie QUAD EQ Rear

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by Steve

Sound Quality 95%
Build Quality 90%
Usefullness 100%
Mojo/Funk 70%
Reliability 90%

I originally bought this for room correction in a home stereo system, it worked beautifully for that purpose, but I ended up selling it as I no longer needed it for that purpose, but I really regret letting it go. It was simple to use, had totally transparent sound quality even though incoming sounds were converted to digital, and the reverse on the way out etc. Build quality was really solid too. It was probably one of the last great Mackie products, I have to get me another!

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