Classic Track

Poor Poor Pitiful Me

Linda Ronstadt
Written and originally recorded by Warren Zevon, Poor Poor Pitiful Me first appeared on his self-titled album in 1976. It became a hit when Linda Ronstadt covered it the next year.
Linda Ronstadt Poor Poor Pitiful Me
Recorded: 1977
Released: 6 September, 1977
Producer: Peter Asher
Recording Engineer: Val Garay
Mix Engineer: Val Garay assisted by Mark Howlett
Mastering Engineer: Doug Sax

Back in the late 1970s when I was a teenager, I would DJ for the parties my parents had at our house on regular occasions. Without a doubt the most requested track was Linda Ronstadt’s Poor Poor Pitiful Me (written by Waren Zevon) and everyone would go crazy when it came on. Since then I must have heard this track a thousand more times, literally. With each listen I am taken back to those parties in the 70s.

The album Simple Dreams from which Poor Poor Pitiful Me is taken, is a classic late 70s record with great production by Peter Asher and beautifully recorded by Val Garay. All of Ronstadt’s then regulars appear on the album including Dan Dugmore and Waddy Wachtel on guitar, Kenny Edwards on bass and Rick Marotta on drums, among many others.

Simple Dreams has many classic songs on it, including a beautiful interpretation of Blue Bayou, Warren Zevon’s Carmelita and the Rolling Stones’ Tumbling Dice. It is one of Linda’s greatest records.

Little information is available on what gear was used to record Simple Dreams. Sure it is an analogue recording mixed through an analogue console and no doubt studio effects of the time would have been used such as the EMT 250 Reverb, but Val Garay does confirm the use of the DBX 160 compressor for the drums.

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