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Sony MU-R201 Reverb Impulse Responses

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The Sony MU-R201 Impulse Responses for Altiverb are a complete package of this classic Sony effects units reverb presets. We have included every reverb patch including the classic Patch 31 Snare reverb preset, a total of 65 reverb patches are included. The recording of these impulse responses was done with very careful calibration, through a Focusrite digital audio interface, and recorded into Harrison Mixbus 32C.

These Sony MU-R201 Impulse Responses are designed specifically for use with Audio Ease Altiverb, and all that is required to use them, is to drop this folder into the Third Party IR Libraries Folder within the Audio Ease Impulse Responses folder. Every single reverb patch is clearly marked with the original Patch number and name, making it easy to find a suitable reverb patch.

These impulse responses are available for immediate download.


Sony MU-R201 Impulse Responses Included

Preset 00 Hall
Preset 01 Room
Preset 02 Plate
Preset 03 Gated Reverb
Preset 04 Reverse Reverb
Preset 10 Large Hall
Preset 11 Medievil Hall
Preset 12 Concert Hall
Preset 13 Piano Hall
Preset 14 Chamber
Preset 15 Pipe Organ
Preset 16 Brass Solo
Preset 17 Reggae
Preset 18 Shadow
Preset 19 Pinball
Preset 21 Compact Room
Preset 22 Powerful Drum
Preset 23 Woodwinds
Preset 24 Live House (1)
Preset 25 Live House (2)
Preset 26 Vivid Snare
Preset 27 Piano Bar
Preset 28 Baroque
Preset 29 Trumpet
Preset 30 Beat Sound
Preset 31 Snare
Preset 32 Clear Reverb
Preset 34 Flute
Preset 35 Lyric Piano
Preset 36 Mystic Strings
Preset 37 Cathedral
Preset 38 Guitar Reverb
Preset 39 Polyrhythm
Preset 40 Rock Vocal
Preset 42 Sharp Snare
Preset 43 Tom Beat
Preset 44 Kick Gate
Preset 45 Fancy Kick
Preset 47 Heavy Reverse
Preset 48 Reverse Slip
Preset 49 Scratch Reverse
Preset 62 Cliffverb
Preset 65 Standard Vocal
Preset 66 Rock Vocal
Preset 67 Ballad (1)
Preset 68 Ballad (2)
Preset 69 Male Vocal (1)
Preset 70 Male Vocal (2)
Preset 74 Solo Synthesizer
Preset 75 Tunnel
Preset 76 Stadium
Preset 77 Gymnasium
Preset 78 Indoor Pool
Preset 81 Cave
Preset 86 American Large Hall (1)
Preset 87 American Large Hall (2)
Preset 88 European Large Hall (1)
Preset 89 European Large Hall (2)
Preset 94 Opera (1)
Preset 95 Opera (2)
Preset 96 Jazz (1)
Preset 97 Jazz (2)
Preset 98 Rock (1)
Preset 99 Rock (2)

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Why Altiverb?

Audio Ease’s Altiverb is the industry standard convolution reverb plug-in for Mac OS X and Windows. It features top quality samples of real spaces to create reverb, ranging from Sydney Opera House to the cockpit of a Jumbo Jet. Altiverb is efficient on the CPU, offers many parameters to tweak the reverb, it is total recall automatable, and it has 64 bit support. Every month Altiverb users receive new impulse responses for free. But most importantly, Altiverb Convolution Reverb Plugin sounds truly amazing!

PLEASE NOTE: Impulse Responses created for Altiverb can not be used with any other convolution reverb plugin, they will only work with Altiverb.

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