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Quantec 2492 Yardstick

Quantec 2492 Yardstick Digital Reverb

The Quantec 2492 Yardstick room simulators are high-quality, digital sound processing devices based on the original 1982 QRS Room Simulation algorithm. The Quantec 2492 Yardstick is a stereo device equipped with2 digital AES3 input channels and 2 digital AES3 output channels.


Unlike a reverberator with its raytracing perspective (reflections), a QUANTEC Room Simulator approaches room acoustics from the air as a carrier medium (resonances). Translated to a wind instrument, the competition concentrates on the wooden or brass instrument body, while we turn our attention to the vibrating air column within the instrument.

Due to its unobtrusive, natural character and its superb room simulation, the QUANTEC Room Simulators have become a lot more than just well-know production tools for pop music.

In the fields of classical music production, chamber music, as well as in movie post-production, the QUANTEC Room Simulators are considered to be the Yardstick for all competing products.

In other words, whenever a natural sounding ambience is desired, and any kind of artificial reverberation is not, the QRS algorithm has been repeatedly praised by countless sound professionals.


  • both high density and low coloration at the same time
  • stunning transparency
  • subsonic option for thunder and earthquake effects
  • 2 in / 2 out mode (QRS plug-in ≤192kHz)
  • 2 unique phase-insensitive input channels
  • up to 2 separate output channels
  • or 1 stereo output pair with 50% correlation (adjustable)
  • up to 4 front panel bargraph level meters
  • 24bit / 192kHz for all signal paths(±12.5% Varispeed)
  • low latency<<1ms
  • Mute, Bypass, and Solo functions from hotkey menu
  • embedded click test generator
  • 3 simple front panel operating elements
  • up to 15 plug-in banks for software
  • web browser based remote control via Ethernet
  • MIDI, USB, RS232tiny cool-running unit,just 36mm deep
  • universal supply, power consumption <14VA



  • all areas where artificial reverberation is regarded as undesirable or unpleasant
  • primary reverb over total mix
  • add stunning artificial stereo to mono recordings
  • classical vocal music
  • classical piano music
  • classical chamber music
  • delicate acoustic instruments and world music
  • full orchestra tutti
  • drum sounds and percussion
  • radio dramas
  • commercials and trailers
  • OB vans with limited mounting space
  • post-processing of low-budget amateur recordings
  • headphones: getting mono voices, instruments, and mixes out of head
  • add room or ambience to delicate HRTF or other 3D recordings, which (when processed by standard reverberators) would completely collapse



Quantization: 24 Bit
Sampling Frequency: 192 kHz
Frequency Response: >20Hz-2okHz
Dynamic Range: >90Db
THD: Unknown

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