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ART DR1 Digital Reverb

The software based ART DR1 Digital Reverb has 46-bit technology and 14KHz bandwidth, giving you wide dynamic range and frequency response. This range and response result in high definition performance. Couple this technology with the convenience of full function remote control, 0ver 100 user presets and full MIDl capability.


Microcomputer control of a high speed digital signal processor allows quick and easy adjustment of relevant reverb parameters such as room size, “liveness”, color and depth. ART technology makes it affordable.

Add your talent and you’ve got the edge in high definition. And that’s not all. We’ve gone several steps beyond by providing stereo in and out with full mix control and our famous FIR programs so that all the sound you’re looking for can be realized.

There’s one more thing. Our powerful software is updateable. That means when you buy a ART DR1 today, you won’t lose your edge tomorrow.

  • Full 16 bit technology/14kHz Bandwidth
  • Over 100 Presets/User Programmable
  • Full MIDI Capability
  • Stereo In/Out/Full Mix Control
  • Software based/Updateable


The ART DR1 comes with 40 ROM preset and 100 user-programmable memory locations. The presets provide a broad selection of reverb and other effects, based on 21 different “room” algorithms: five plate, five room, five hall, two effect, one reverse, one gated, one DDL and one flanger/chorus.

The ART DR1’s presets can be used as the basis for creating your own effects, which can then be stored in any of the user-programmable memory locations. A particularly handy feature is the ability to lock any of the latter individually, which guards against accidental overwriting of some effects.

The rear panel of the ART DR1 features quarter-inch jack stereo inputs and outputs, MIDI In and Thru (the latter software-switchable to Out), a footswitch input for controlling the “kill/inf” function, telephone-style input for a remote control unit (which comes with the ART DR1), a button for selecting a choice of two input levels, and a second button for switching the dry signal in and out of the signal path.



Quantization: 16 bit
Sampling Frequency: 32kHz
Frequency Response: > 20Hz – 14kHz
Dynamic Range: 90 dB
THD: Unknown

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