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ART DR2a Digital Reverberation System

The ART DR2a Digital Reverberation System is a high quality digital signal processing device providing realistic natural reverberation as well as creative new reverb effects. In designing the DR2a, ART incorporated the latest findings in digital reverberation research and gave careful consideration to user feedback on desirable features.
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Microcomputer control of a high speed digital signal processor allows quick and easy adjustment of relevant reverb parameters such as room size, “liveness”, color and depth. ART technology makes it affordable.

User oriented front panel controls select one of several different room types, length of pre-delay, amount of high frequency absorption, apparent position within the reverberant space, diffusion and decay time. The reverb signal may be defeated from the front panel or remotely via a rear panel jack. Bright LEDs provide a clear display of the current settings.

Once you achieve a desired sound, you can store the settings for later recall in one of three presets, which may then be locked. In the event of an unexpected loss of power, the presets are preserved for up to several hours.

Designed to replace less flexible spring and plate reverbs in demanding stage and studio applications, the ART DR2a is quiet and clean, and may be switched to accommodate high or low signal levels. The input is balanced and separate jacks provide stereo levels. and mixed mono outputs capable of driving line levels into 600 ohms. The two stereo outputs provide a full, wide stereo image.

Special consideration was given to features that make the ART DR2a more convenient to use inline with musical instruments. A front panel reverb level control, in conjunction with the mixed mono output, is useful when no other mixing or level adjustment facilities are readily available. A rear panel dry kill switch removes the dry signal from the mono output when external mixing is desired.

The ART DR2a Digital Reverberation System combines a high degree of technical sophistication with a versatile combination of controls and features. A major goal in the development of the DR2a was to offer maximum flexibility while keeping it easy and uncomplicated to operate. This section explains the function of each control on the front panel ( from left to right), and also the rear panel REVERB KILL jack.



Quantization: Unknown
Sampling Frequency: Unknown
Frequency Response: > 20Hz – 10kHz
Dynamic Range: 75 dB
THD: Unknown

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