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Deltalab DL-2 Acousticomputer

Deltalab DL-2 Acousticomputer

DeltaLab introduces the Delatlab DL-2 Acousticomputer, a flexible and rugged all-electronic 'space machine' with highly musical sound quality and a surprisingly modest price. The Delatlab DL-2 Acousticomputer is a combination digital delay and special effects processor designed for use both on stage and in the studio, providing well known functions plus some new effects not available in any other device.


The Delatlab DL-2 Acousticomputer is a compact, highly versatile true stereo delay line incorporating feedback and equalization circuitry. In one package, the DL-2 contains what would have previously required a rack full of outboard equipment. And the Delatlab DL-2 Acousticomputer maintains DeltaLab’s no-compromise reputation full 20-15 kHz bandwidth, large dynamic range and virtually no audible distortion.

Today’s musician knows the problem of trying to recreate studio effects during a live performance. The Delatlab DL-2 Acousticomputer provides this versatility in one easy to understand, reliable unit. Foot switch bypass and external VCO inputs give musicians the option to “pre-select” an effect and also modulate the effect via the external input.

Prior to the Delatlab DL-2 Acousticomputer, long delay times have been available only at the expense of dynamic range and/or bandwidth degradation. Delta Lab again chooses the no-compromise alternative by offering an external memory module with a maximum of two seconds of delay per module. Now delay lengths are limited only by the number of modules added; signal quality is not compromised at all!

Performance Features

  • 2 Independent delay channels
  • Delay lengths from 0.25 ms to 252 ms
  • Frequency response 20 to 15 kHz at all delay lengths
  • Dynamic range greater than 90 dB
  • No audible distortion (I kHz T HD < 0.2%)
  • 16 Inter-channel related reverb programs
  • Foot pedal controlled bypass
  • Variable time base with VCO
  • Stereo imaging input and output controls



  • 16 Reverb programs
  • 2 Independent pre-reverb delays
  • VCO sinusoidal with 4:1 frequency range
  • Sustain – non-deteriorating repeat with selectable updating
  • Long delays-up t0 252ms (serial mode) for special effects
  • Short delays – down to 0.25ms for flanging effects
  • Positive and negative reverb and flanging feedback
  • Stereo imaging on input to extract hidden ambience
  • Stereo imaging on output for left-right shifting
  • Footswitch bypass control
  • External memory expansion capability



Frequency Response: 20Hz – 15kHz
Dynamic Range: 80-90dB
THD: 0.2%
Dimensions: 445mm x 48.3mm x 254mm
Weight: 5kg

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