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Akai Pro Audio dominated the 1980s with their highly successful samplers for keyboard players. In 1988 they ventured into the world of digital effects. While there are a few half rack units, the main two we have here are the Akai PEQ6, which was a programmable equalizer aimed at keyboard players, and the Akai AR900 Digital Reverb.

One of the most unusual tape recorders released during the golden period of the 1980s, is without a doubt, the Akai MG14D, a tape based analogue recorder that offered excellent sound quality in a relatively compact chassis, released hot on the heels of a wave of digital multitrack recorders..
Akai could have gone down the path of trying to compete in the lower end of the multi-effects market with the likes of Alesis, but instead aimed to produce a high quality dedicated reverb, with the Akai AR900 being the end result.
Akai Professional Products released their Akai AR900 Digital Reverb along side the PEQ6 Programmable Equalizer with similar commercial acceptance. The Akai PEQ6 was targeted more towards the keyboard player rather than studios, and with it’s MIDI implementation is was perfect for that purpose too.
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