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Aphex Systems was founded in 1975 in Massachusetts, USA. Aphex Systems (now known simply as Aphex) developed their Aural Exciter products at a time when analogue tape was the norm. Due to multiple bounces, the top end could end up a little lack luster, and by using an Aural Exciter you could artificially enhance the top end or ‘excite’ the top end as it were. They enjoyed huge success renting their units by the minute, right up to the point of digital audio recording became the norm.

An effects box that provided a very special kind of enhancement to your tracks, that you could not buy, but instead had to rent, really? The Aphex Aural Exciter was something of a mystery box when it was released in 1975, but it provided a solution that was perfectly timed, however is no longer relevant in today’s recording world.
Since its introduction in 1975, close to a million Aphex Aural Exciters have found their way into recording studios and broadcast facilities, nightclubs and concert halls, arenas and airports, musicians’ and DJs’ rigs and houses of worship.
By going beyond conventional design ideas, the Aphex 320D Compellor provides audio processing with unprecedented sound transparency, yet is exceedingly effective at controlling levels.
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