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Classic Recording Studio Equipment

Established in 2005, Knif Audio has steadily developed a collection of top-tier studio equipment renowned for its quality. Their focus lies in crafting mastering studio-grade units featuring Elma rotary switch controls and premium mechanical and electrical components. Their units are predominantly made to order, with delivery times averaging between 1 to 3 months.

Soma is a clear departure from the old “passive EQs are for general shaping only” paradigm. It is the only commercially available passive EQ with real Q adjustment, which makes it more usable and accurate than other products which use only a resistor-based Q adjustment which affects boost/cut amount and does not offer a wide range.
Knif Pure Mu utilises the simplest tube compressor topology. There is only one active stage of 4 parallel coupled tubes per channel, input transformer and output transformer. Therefore, Pure Mu.
The Knif V804 Pre-Microphone Preamplifier uses only two amplifier stages, only one pentode and one triode per channel and the absolute minimum of other components.
Knif Eksa is an exercise in ultimate purity of sound, and unlike all other Knif products, it is not tube based, but uses in-house designed and produced class A discrete OP amps.
The Knif Vari Mu II is a mastering grade compressor, which of course excels in mixing too.
The Knif Mastering Controller is built to the highest standards.