Ursa Major

Ursa Major Vintage Digital Effects

Ursa Major MSP-126

Ursa Major MSP-126 Multi-Tap Stereo Processor

The 12 tap algorithm of the Ursa Major MSP-126 is more complex and, to my mind, far more interesting than that most popular of delay devices, the digital delay line or “DDL” .

Ursa Major 8x32

Ursa Major 8×32 Digital Reverb

The Ursa Major 8×32 has been designed for exceptionally easy and informative operation and has been priced far below other comparable digital systems.

Ursa Major StarGate 323

Ursa Major StarGate 323 Digital Reverb

Ursa Major StarGate 323 is a high performance digital reverberation system whose sound quality and features match those of much higher-priced systems.

Ursa Major Space Station SST-282

Ursa Major Space Station SST-282

The Ursa Major Space Station is an advanced signal processor using time delay techniques to transform a mono source into a new, stereo, output signal.