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Ursa Major

In 1977, Chris Moore resigned from his role as Project Engineer at Lexicon, and formed his own company, Ursa Major. Working form his cellar, Chris set out to design an affordable digital reverb. After great effort, in 1978 he released the Ursa Major SST-282 Space Station. The Ursa Major Space Station is a reverb like no other. A reverb that is loved not because of it’s perfect reproduction of a live space, but because of it’s very different sound to any other reverb. The Ursa Major Space Station is a rare find these days, with only 1900 having ever been made, and they sell for big money today. Chris Moore currently runs Seven Woods Audio, and has made a recreation of the original SST-282 Space Station called the SST-206.

Ursa Major MSP-126 Multi-Tap Stereo Processor

The Ursa Major MSP-126 is a stereo tapped delay digital delay line with a 20kHz bandwidth, eight pre-programmed processing modes and more. The Ursa Major MSP-126 is a signal processor that creates a whole range of interesting effects inlcuding great balanced stereo with flat response from any kind of program material.

Ursa Major 8×32 Digital Reverb

There are times when you won’t compromise on sound quality. When, no matter how difficult the material is, you must have reverberant effects that are perfectly smooth, clean, spacious, colourless. There are perhaps three or four computer-based digital reverb systems that achieve uncompromising sound quality. All sound quite natural (and relatively alike).

Ursa Major StarGate 626 Digital Reverb

The Ursa Major 626 replaced the previous model, the Ursa Major 323, by adding more memory which allowed for longer delay times. For those who loved the Ursa Major Stargate 323 and in particular the delay functions should seek out the Stargate 626 to take advantage of those longer delay times.

Ursa Major StarGate 323 Digital Reverb

With the coming of the Space Age, sound engineers will finally acquire power over acoustic space and time with the Ursa Major Stargate 323. They will create reverberant spaces of almost limitless variety, from tiny chambers to vast echoing canyons. They tune their effects to achieve a richness and realism that once seemed beyond the reach of any technology.

Ursa Major Space Station SST-282

The Ursa Major SPACE STATION is an advanced signal processor using time delay techniques to transform a mono source into a new, stereo, output signal.  It is as different from earlier delay units as the complex reverberant sound of a room is from a single repeat of a sound slapping off a wall.
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